UAB Mission Statement

After 25 years of serving the state as a premier medical and dental school, UAB was established in 1969 as an autonomous university within the University of Alabama system. It now serves as one of the nation's top ranked universities in research support, higher education and provider of world- class medical care.


The University of Alabama at Birmingham shall be a leading contributor to the intellectual development of humankind and a compassionate provider of health services of the highest quality.


As an urban research university and academic health center, the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) is committed to the discovery, dissemination, and application of knowledge as a fundamental path to success and to the enhancement of the quality of life of all the people of Alabama, indeed, of people throughout the world. In so doing, the University has an enduring commitment to teaching, research and scholarship, creativity, and service to the community. We embrace an unyielding belief in the virtue of diversity as well as the fair and equitable treatment of students, faculty, staff and those we serve. UAB's success in fulfilling this mission is demonstrated by the accomplishments of the University community.


Academic Freedom: We value the principle of academic freedom for its promotion of excellence and integrity in our teaching, research, and scholarly activities.

Community Involvement: We have an obligation as an institution and as individuals to be responsible, contributing members of the greater Birmingham community, the state of Alabama, and the world.

Diversity: We encourage and promote diversity of thought, ideas, and people as a vehicle for strengthening society.

Quality Educational Programs: We strive to provide learning opportunities that are high quality and accessible, addressing the diverse needs of students, employers, and other stakeholders in the communities we serve.

Facilitating Infrastructure: We strive to operate all administrative/support activities efficiently and effectively in order that they contribute to the University's three fundamental activities of teaching, research, and service.

Health Services: We seek to provide comprehensive, high-quality, cost-effective and compassionate health services to our diverse communities.

Human Resources: We seek to attract and develop individuals who are valued for their contributions to the institution and who share the University's Vision and the University.

Learning Community: We strive to be a learning community, as well as a community of learners, fully engaged in continuous learning so as to improve ourselves and the University.

Research and Creative Activity: We value artistic creation and the discovery of knowledge for their benefits to society and as expressions of our personal and institutional intellectual growth.

Stewardship: We strive to responsibly utilize the resources entrusted to us and actively seek information about our services from our constituents in order to improve continuously.

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