Blazer Blogs 2009

Dec. 2, 2009

Writing the last blog, I feel I should sum up the season. However, I feel that going the sappy, emotional route doesn't fit our team. Instead, I feel this would be better.

Saturday, November 21st, 2009 at noon, the first annual Rundies were held. Inspired by the hit television series "The Office," Colleen Standridge (who I might add is the show's BIGGEST fan) organized this award-giving event. The objective was to confidentially create an award for your randomly selected person and to show up the day of the event dressed in frumpy, unfashionable clothing prepared to give an impromptu acceptance speech. Due to a slight change in plans, the venue had to be moved from Chili's to Birmingham's ever-popular breakfast/brunch nook, The Original Pancake house. Furthermore, we had to opt out of wearing our grandmother's clothing because we had to look respectable for our future Blazers (the recruits were in town). Nevertheless and like always, we made it a blast!

Presented below are the Rundies:

The Best Nails Award to Bianca Le'Blanc for always having her nails fashionably done. Always.

The CUTE Award to Lucy Taylor for always looking presentable even if it is for 6 a.m. practices.

The Mother Stepha Award to Stephanie Gammon for doing anything for anyone...even if it is carrying the water cooler in her boot by herself a half mile to the bus.

The Captain Obvious Award to Kristina Vaughn for stating...well, the obvious!

The Most Antertaining Award to Colleen Standridge for countless moments of livening up the situations, even if ants are attacking her.



The Most Likely to Lose Her Head If It Was Not Attached Award to Kendel Hood for temporarily misplacing only the important things such as her phone.

UAB's Clumsiest Athlete Award to Kristina Olsen for inadvertently falling while taking the trash out. Thus, resulting in a concussion.

The Most Heaps Award to Lauren Fayen for adding heaps of New Zealand flair to the team!

The Most Likely to Make an Inappropriate Joke Award to Clara Cid for...tin foil?

The Coffee Addict Award to Rhiannon Johns for going nowhere without first having multiple gallons of coffee. Oh, and don't forget the sugar and cream.

The awards helped give us new insight into ourselves and with such; we can carry this newfound wisdom with us into the future.

Track season here we come.
Go Blazers!