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November 10, 2009

A typical morning for Colleen Standridge:

5:35- Wake up to the sound of clanking ice cubes. Lucy is filling up her water bottle. I consider getting up, but opt for a few more minutes under the covers.
5:40-Door slams. Lauren has arrived from down the hall. She assumes her waiting position (head propped up by her hand) at the table. Lucy is toasting her bagel.
5:42-Kris appears. She starts to rummage through the cupboard looking for her Gatorade water bottle. Settles for someone else's water bottle.
5:45- First warning. "Colleen and Clara, are you ready?" Lucy calls. Practice is at 6:00 a.m. and it's a 15 minute ride to Lake Shore. No sign of Clara.
5:46-Second warning. "Guys, we really have to go. We are going to be late," Lucy shouts. I roll out of my room. Look for something to eat. Oatmeal it is. Kris is eating a Chewy granola bar.
5:48-No sign of Clara, just the sound of her hairspray. Third warning. "Clara, we are leaving. Lock the door behind you," we chorus.
5:50- Smash into Lucy's Volkswagen beetle. Contemplate leaving without Clara.
5:52- Clara marches up to the car in a fury. Quickly speed off to practice.
5:53-Laugh about odd dreams, boyfriends and Clara's frequent tardiness. Flip through the IPod.
6:02-Arrive to practice in record time. Red lights don't seem to matter at this hour of the morning. Pile out of the car. It's pitch black outside, lovely. Steph is smiling.
6:04-Coach Boldon and Coach Cass arrive. Cass runs up to greet Bianca with a big kiss. It's 35 degrees and Kendel is wearing T-shirt and shorts.
6:05-Begin warm up. Watches start. Josh is wearing new shoes.
6:08-See a group of middle-aged women run by with small lights attached to their heads. Make jokes about the headlamps. Secretly want one.
6:20- Finish warm up. Rhi is covered in mud. "How is that possible?" I wonder.
6:30- Start workout. Five-mile tempo. Rhi, Lucy, Kris and Lauren are all in sport bras.
6:42:30-Mile two. Tired. Kristina Olsen offers kind words of encouragement.
6:50-Watch a barefoot man run past us. Wonder how practical that is. Decide it's not practical at all.
7:33:20-Finish workout. Recovery drinks. Clara struggles to swallow hers. Lucy has vanilla. Kris drinks hers too fast, has tummy ache later. Lauren slips on hers slowly.
7:50- Drive to the training room. Laugh some more about classes, boyfriends and changing each other's Facebook statuses. Ughh, someone stinks.
8:00-Arrive at training room with aching calves, quads and hips. Stim and ice seem to be the answer to all of our problems. Shocking. Waiting for the day stim and ice cure brain cancer.
8:20- Make coffee for Kris and me. Lucy has Captain Crunch. Clara has Corn Flakes covered in chocolate syrup. I go with the oatmeal and yogurt combo.
8:30-Realize how much I enjoy spending my mornings with my teammates and coaches. Decide I wouldn't want my mornings any other way.

Colleen Standridge