Blazer Blogs #8 - Lauren Fayen

Nov. 2, 2010

Due to redshirting this cross country season I wasn't entirely up to play with what was happening in Tulsa at the conference meet. Sitting on my computer at 9 a.m., searching various sports pages trying to find a live feed or refreshing to see results wasn't too fun, but after getting calls and texts and checking the results I was able to find out just how awesome my girls did.

Like I said, I wasn't at the meet, but I could just tell from the mood the last two weeks that something good was going to happen. There seemed to be a change in attitude, it was hard to put my finger on it, but I can only describe it as a heightened level of dedication. The little things like naps and ice baths, foam rolling and recovery drinks, all standard things we all do, seemed to take on a whole new importance to ensure pristine condition for conference. Clearly from the number of personal bests that UAB collected the little things paid off. I think fourth is a hard position to come in, so close to getting awards but not quite there, but I know coach will be happy with the effort the girls put in. One of my favorite quotes from him is," There are two times when you can't complain, when you win because you never know if that will happen again, and when you PR, because your better than you've ever been before."

Seven PB's out of eight girls shows an awesome improvement to this team. It's made me really excited to see what they can achieve in two weeks time at the regional meet. One of the things that makes running so cool is that having a breakthrough with a pb, just seems to increase the likelihood of a follow up one. The next race is regionals and it's prime conditions for our team. The Veterans Park course is essentially "home turf" for us and after training there countless times, in all weather, there isn't another team in the region who has the advantage of knowing the course as well as we do. Additionally, I know the girls are crazy excited at the chance to have so many UAB supporters! We have word from our teachers and fellow class members that they will be attending, parents seem to be flocking from all areas, but unfortunately no word from Spain yet but perhaps Mr. and Mrs. Cid will be making a surprise appearance. So if you're reading this, save the 13th in your planner and get out to Veterans Park wearing green and gold!



Oh, I almost forgot to mention, UAB was fourth overall at conference. First place in teams was Tulsa, second to Rice and third to UTEP. I'd like to add congratulations to Melanie, Katie, and Paula and all fellow New Zealanders who are on the Tulsa team and made up three of the top five Tulsa spots. Seems like UAB got stuck with a fracture prone dud when they signed me. Never mind, what I lack in bone density I make up for in enthusiasm and blazer pride right girls?!?

I can't wait for track!!

Lauren Fayen