Blazer Blogs 2009

Oct. 7, 2009

Although the cross country team did not travel or compete this past weekend, it did not keep us from staying busy. Leaving the long flights and hotel stays behind us the weekend before in Minnesota, I was hoping to spend my weekend vegging out in front of the television and catching up on my Grey's Anatomy episodes. These plans, however, had to be set aside for more important things. As a team we had scheduled better things to do with our time.

We started the weekend off with a solid workout on Friday. Veterans Park was kind to us unlike it had been the previous few weeks. The trails were dry and there were no flowing streams to hurdle. Week long heavy downpours have very little sympathy for our trails.

Saturday morning came far too soon and off we went to build homes for the Habitat for Humanity. Once on site our team split up between two houses. One home required a larger need for manual labor which included carrying plywood, hammering and using the very entertaining chalk marker, which sadly got tangled and broken half way through. Do not worry; we were not the ones who broke it.

The other house was much further along and many of the girls assisted in painting the walls with primer. Although, the girls who chose to paint, which may seem like the easier task, they returned dirtier than the rest and were covered from head to toe with paint. The girls of the UAB cross country team were not the only ones out volunteering Saturday morning. A large group of Mountain Brook students and State Farm agents joined together to help with the cause.

This coming weekend the cross country team will be traveling to the Furman Invitational in South Carolina. This will be a great meet for our team to get out and compete one last time before our conference meet.

Kendel Hood