Blazer Blogs 2010 - Le'Blanc

Sept. 29, 2010

This past weekend we traveled to Memphis, Tenn. for the Memphis Twilight Classic. I must admit the weather was perfect and the conditions were absolutely great. It was dark, a cool temperature and flat! The DNA that makes up a PERFECT MEET! Unfortunately, I didn't run a PB (personal best), but I was proud for everyone who did and the outcome of the team as a whole. I've been attempting to wrap my mind around this whole 5k thing, and it's coming along slowly but surely.

In addition to this lovely weekend's outcome, we were blessed to meet Coach Spain's two children, four-year-old Neely and six-year-old Joel (J-Baby). They must have been the coolest kids I've ever met. Neely and Joel were definitely NOT shy and immediately became comfortable around us. I could tell Neely and Joel were really excited to be at the meet around us runners. So excited, that they even found themselves competing against each other back and forth to the fence. It was adorable. One of the funniest things to me though had to be when J-Baby and Neely both decided to leave their "borrowed" UAB caps in Olive Garden. Coach Spain was absolutely frustrated at this point, but managed to keep his composure and understand that they were babies and they tend to make those types of mistakes.

All in all, I think everyone had a good time. Coach Boldon and I keep having this debate about whether I'm a cross country senior or not, which Stephanie and I find pretty entertaining. Either way I'm a senior in track, and I am appreciative of what cross country does for me to prepare for the upcoming season. In the mean time, we are training hard through this week preparing for next week's Southeast Cross Country Showdown in Hoover. I'm sure we will do great.

Go Blazers!
Bianca Le'Blanc