Blazer Blogs 2009

Sept. 29, 2009

After some serious allergic reactions to ant bites last week, our trip up north to Minneapolis had the potential to become disastrous. Luckily everything went according to plan and without a hiccup ... oh wait there were a few.

Hiccup No. 1: Even thought we were traveling with local Chi-town celebrities Lucy Taylor and Colleen Standridge, our airline was unable to get our team to Minnesota without a one-hour delay.

Hiccup No. 2: Once in Minnesota with bags collected and girls ready, there was another delay. It seems Coach Boldon's good looks failed to speed up the long process of obtaining the rental cars.

Hiccup No. 3: On our way to the hotel there was yet another delay. It seems the female driver in front of Josh's van couldn't keep her eyes off his manly biceps in her rearview mirror and on the road in front of her instead. This lead to her rear-ending Coach Boldon's van in front of her, but thankfully no one was hurt.

Not really a hiccup, but more of a nice sightseeing tour around the town, was how I would describe some wrong turns on the drive to get lunch and to the hotel once we were on our way after to crash.

After checking into the hotel we stopped by the race venue to get a feel of the course, went to dinner and then to bed, hoping that tomorrow would go more smoothly.

The next morning we got up feeling pretty excited about the race. As a New Zealander I was overwhelmed at the size of the meet when we arrived at the course, and there were more than 10 spectators. Seriously it was sweet to see a meet that big. I think even my American teammates were stoked to be at a meet of this quality and size.

Down to business - the race:

It's safe to say that some of us had great races, and some of us had not so great races. I, for example, found that the first 3K was good, but the remaining 3K was 3000 meters too many. Fortunately others on my team, such as Kendel Hood and Kristina Olsen, had outstanding performances to keep the team going. If you haven't already seen the results, the meet was stacked and we finished seventh out of 18 teams, even without racing our strongest team.

A recovery nap and lunch was much needed before we were refueled enough to tackle the biggest mall in America. It's a mall that can put a smile on any girls face, and a frown on the wallets and credit cards of many parents. When our time was up there, I had only seen about half the potential shopping, but then it was off to dinner amongst thunderstorms and animals at the Rainforest Cafe.

The hiccups were gone for our trip home, and travel was smooth and uneventful. It was a sweet weekend and I think we gained a lot of experience to help us with the rest of the season.

Thanks heaps to our supporters at the meet; it was great to hear some UAB calls and horns over the horde of Minnesota supporters.