Blazer Blogs 2010 - Stephanie Gammon

Sept. 14, 2010

These past four weeks of practice have gone well. We have had some solid workouts and have done enough circuits in the weight room to add a little muscle to our frame. It seems that everyone is glad to be back and training together. The new members of the team are following suit and are just as enthusiastic as the rest of us.

The question was asked ourselves in our first team meeting: Why are we here? Our responses contained the following: because we could not imagine not running, to push ourselves long after we think we can't, to find out what we are made of or maybe it was because we were meant to be here. The point is when we all come together we can do something greater than ourselves. We say yes to infinite possibilities for this season.

This week we are headed to Appalachian State in Boone, N.C. for our first race combined with team camp. This will provide opportunities to bond, time to recall old memories and experience new ones. When I think about this season I can't help but smile because of the things we desire to accomplish. Thank you fans for your continual support, encouragement and words of affirmation. We look forward to seeing all of you at our two "home meets" at Veterans Park, the Southeast XC Showdown (October 9th) and the NCAA South Regional (November 13th). As a senior, the program has afforded me the opportunity to see and experience many new places. However, it is not solely the geographical location; rather it is the competitions and relationships that have enhanced my experiences at UAB. "For all that has been thanks, for all that is yet to be, yes."- Has


Stephanie Gammon