On Court With

Oct. 25, 2006

Every week UABsports.com sits down with a member of the UAB volleyball team to get the inside scoop on what's going on with the team on the court as well as what the athletes are up to off the court. This week we take an inside look at UAB volleyball and the life of junior outside hitter Fernanda Domingos. Domingos transferred to UAB this season from Cowley (Kan.) College where she was a two-time first-team NJCAA Division II All-American. She has made an enormous impact at UAB this season ranking second on the team in kills per game at 3.00 and is fourth in digs with 1.83 per game. Last week, she led the team in kills twice to help lead it to three victories in five days. Earlier this season, Domingos was named to the Mercer Bear Brawl All-Tournament Team and the Four Points Sheraton New Orleans Classic All-Tournament Team. Now read on as we go "On Court" with Fernanda Domingos...

UABsports.com: "Having grown up in Brazil, what's the biggest difference between living there and living her in Birmingham, Ala?"
Fernanda Domingos: "Everything is different. I like it here a lot - the people are great. Before I came here, people in Brazil were saying that people here would be mean but it's completely different, everybody is always smiling everybody is just really nice."

UABsports: " What do you miss the most about Brazil?"
FD: "My family."

UABsports: "Your sister (Eliane) is playing at Cowley College in Kansas right?"
FD: "Yeah. It's very hard having her there but we talk all the time."

UABsports: "You guys won three straight matches last week, how important was that and how did that help your confidence?"
FD: "It was wonderful because we had been struggling and I think that we are going the right way now and we know where one another are and we have more chemistry. It was a big step and I'm very happy and excited and I know we'll just keep getting better."

UABsports: "This weekend you guys head to Tulane and UTEP, what do you know about those teams?"
FD: "Well we can never say there is a bad team in the conference. The thing is, we always need to play our hardest no matter who we play. We need to set the tone."

UABsports: "If you could trade places with anyone for a day, who would you trade with and why?"
FD: "My mom. Because she is just amazing, she went through so much in her life and she was always there for me and was always strong. I never saw my mom cry and she always had a solution for everything."

UABsports: "If you could have dinner with five people, past or present, who would you invite?
FD: "My mom and dad and my brother and sister."

UABsports: "Nice little family dinner, nothing wrong with that. If you weren't playing volleyball at UAB what would you be doing?
FD: "I'd still be playing volleyball, just somewhere else."

UABsports: "Did you always play volleyball growing up?"
FD: "I never did any sports when I was little and then when I was 14 I watched a volleyball match on TV and I was just like wow this is amazing. Then, when I went to play at this place in Brazil these girls had all played since they were eight years old so I was like the dumb girl (laughter). But I loved it."

UABsports: "Do you have any pre-match rituals?"
FD: "I like to pray."

UABsports: "What's one thing about you that most people don't know?"
FD: "People always know a lot about me. I'm very emotional, but everybody knows that. I try really hard to not cry but I can't help it."

UABsports: "What's it been like coming here and playing for this coaching staff?"
FD: "I love Kerry (Messersmith). When they recruited me she told me about her philosophy and it matched exactly what I always wanted and that's being a family. Being away from home is so hard and she said that they'd be my family and be there to help me."

UABsports: "Who's the best dancer on the team?"
FD: (Laughter)"Andrea (Lalic) always likes to dance in the locker room."

UABsports: "How about who's the best singer?"
FD: "Sandra (Aleksandra Vujovic) is always singing. She said she wants to be a singer."

UABsports: "Who would you consider the funniest person on the team?"
FD: "Andrea."

UABsports: "Who's the most inspirational person on the team?"
FD: "(Brianna) Galvin."

UABsports: "What's your favorite movie?"
FD: "Green Mile"

UABsports: "What's your favorite song or musical artist?"
FD: "I like all kinds of music, just not country."

UABsports: "Who is your favorite professor at UAB?"
FD: "Scott Brand."

UABsports: "What's your favorite TV show?"
FD: "Nip/Tuck."

UABsports: "Lastly, what would your dream job be after graduating from UAB?"
FD: "I'd like to coach volleyball, but I also really want to be a kindergarten teacher."

That's all for this week's installment, until next time...