On Court With

Oct. 18, 2006

Every week UABsports.com sits down with a member of the UAB volleyball team to get the inside scoop on what's going on with the team on the court as well as what the athletes are up to off the court. This week we take an inside look at UAB volleyball and the life freshman setter Aley Tallman. Tallman came to UAB this fall from Wichita, Kan., where she had a standout high school career. She has been on a roll as of late for the Blazers, averaging 2.08 kills per game since Sept. 19. Against Tulsa on Oct. 15, she turned in perhaps her best performance yet with nine kills, nine assists and five digs. Now read on as we go "On Court" with Aley Tallman...

UABsports.com: "Being from Wichita, what made you decide on UAB?"
Aley Tallman: "I think it was because of the coaches. I had a really good feeling about them."

UABsports: "What's been the biggest change from Kansas to Alabama?"
AT: "I miss my family like crazy. I miss my sister, she's in Florida playing softball."

UABsports: "What's been the hardest thing about adjusting to the college game from high school?"
AT: "I guess my height because I'm short for Division I volleyball and I'm a hitter."

UABsports: "Now we've heard that coach Forsythe (UAB assistant coach) has a pretty good volleyball reputation back in Wichita, is that true?"
AT: "Resa is a stud in Wichita. (Laughter)"

UABsports: "Is that how you found out about UAB, through coach Forsythe?"
AT: "Yeah. We had the same club volleyball coach and Luresa came and watched me play in (Las) Vegas."

UABsports: "You've been playing more and more recently. What do you think has changed in your game the most?"
AT: "Recently my confidence has come back and I feel more comfortable with the team. I just think I'm starting to be more myself again."

UABsports: "If you could have dinner with five people, past or present, who would you invite?"
AT: "Catherine Zeta-Jones, my mom, my dad, umm.... these are hard questions (laughter). Let's see - my great grandma, Justin Metcalf and my twin sister."

UABsports: "If you weren't playing volleyball at UAB, what would you be doing?"
AT: "I think I'd just be going to school at Wichita State."

UABsports: "Do you have any pre-match rituals?"
AT: "People think it's weird that I have to wear make-up during games, it's part of my game, I don't know why."

UABsports: "Have you ever met anyone famous?"
AT: "No, but I've seen Paris Hilton."

UABsports: "If there were a movie based on your life, who would play you in the movie?"
AT: "The Olsen twins."

UABsports: "Both of them?"
AT: "Yeah." (Laughter)

UABsports: "What's one thing that people don't know about you?"
AT: "That I sleep with a Teddy Bear."

UABsports: "If we asked your roommate(s) to describe you, what would they say?"
AT: "Probably that I'm messy."

UABsports: "What do you think has been the best thing about playing volleyball at UAB?"
AT: "I think it has taught me to grow up a lot and mature and really find out who I am without my family."

UABsports: "Who's the funniest person on the team?"
AT: "Andrea (Lalic)."

UABsports: Who's the most inspirational person on the team?"
AT: "Brianna Galvin."

UABsports: "Who's the most intense player on the team?"
AT: "Nevena (Stefanov)."

UABsports: Where's your favorite place to eat in Birmingham?"
AT: "Olive Garden."

UABsports: "All of these great places to eat in Birmingham and your sticking with a place you have back home huh?"
AT: (Laughter) "I haven't had a chance to get out much because I've been busy with volleyball, but I will."

UABsports: "What's your favorite movie?"
AT: "Love and Basketball."

UABsports: "What's your favorite song?"
AT: "That new song with P Diddy and Nicole ... "Come to Me"."

UABsports: "What's your favorite TV show?"
AT: "The Real World."

UABsports: "Granted graduation is a ways off with you being a freshman, but what would your dream job be after college?"
AT: "To be a sports broadcaster on ESPN."

UABsports: "Any specific sports or on Sportscenter?"
AT: "I want to go with football first."