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Oct. 11, 2006

Every week UABsports.com sits down with a member of the UAB volleyball team to get the inside scoop on what's going on with the team on the court as well as what the athletes are up to off the court. This week we take an inside look at UAB volleyball and the life of sophomore middle blocker Casey Dent. Dent is the team leader in blocked shots this season and has the highest hitting percentage on the team at .329, a number that ranks her sixth in Conference USA. She has posted double figures in kills 10 times this season and has started in all 47 that she has played in for her career. Now read on as we go "On Court" with Casey Dent...

UABsports.com: "Well aside from missing the last match, how do you feel the season has gone so far?"
Casey Dent: "It's gone really well. I think everyone has adjusted to the new coaching staff and we're being very competitive and have been making strides to get better."

UABsports: "You're one of the only in-state players on this team, so what's it like being able to play so close to home?"
CD: "I like it. During season it doesn't seem like I'm at home because I don't get to go see my parents since we're traveling. I don't see them as much but its homey because it's home."

UABsports: "Growing up, did you always want to play at UAB?"
CD: "It didn't really matter. I was open to going anywhere and it just so happens that it was here."

UABsports: "You guys have certainly had your fair share of wins this season with 15 up to this point. What match do you think has been the best this season?"
CD: "Probably the Memphis matches because I kind of see them as our rival. You want to beat everyone really bad, but it really gets us excited to play Memphis."

UABsports: "Okay. You get one word to describe this team, what is it?"
CD: "Unique I guess - because everybody has something to give."

UABsports: "We all know that part of the fun that comes with being apart of a team are the inside jokes with one another. Are there any inside jokes with the team that you could let fans in on?"
CD: "(Laughter) TB Lalic. Andrea (Lalic) had a scare where she may have had Tuberculosis. So from now on we'll always call her TB Lalic."

UABsports: "Andrea had a pretty good much at Marshall during that time didn't she?"
CD: "She had an awesome match."

UABsports: "We spoke with Shaniquwa Cooper last week and she said that there aren't any cooks on this team, what do you think, can anyone cook?"
CD: "I don't trust anybody else's cooking (laughter)."

UABsports: "If you could trade place with anyone in the world for one day, who would you trade with and why?"
CD: "Probably somebody who got devastated in New Orleans. Not to know how it felt, because I'm sure that was a really horrible experience, but I'd want to do that so I could learn from it and not take little small things for granted. Everything you have, like your house, is often taken for granted and we're so lucky to have all that stuff. Yeah it would be tough, but to live in their shoes for a day would be very stressful but I think you could learn a lot from it."

UABsports: "If you had the chance to have dinner with five people, past or present, who would you invite?"
CD: "My two grandfathers and ... Coach, coach Messersmith over there and I think God would be a good one."

UABsports: If you weren't playing volleyball or studying at UAB, what would you be doing?"
CD: "I'd still be in college but I'd probably be playing softball somewhere."

UABsports; "Do you have any superstitions or pre-match rituals?"
CD: "Not really, I just listen to music."

UABsports: "What kind of music do you listen to?"
CD: "Oh gosh, anything. I listen to country and rap or alternative."

UABsports: "You certainly have both ends of the music spectrum covered there. Is there anything you could tell fans about yourself that most people don't know about you?"
CD: "I don't know. These questions are hard ... next question. I think everybody knows everything about me."

UABsports: "You came in last year playing for one staff and now your second year you have a completely new staff. Having been here before and now, what are your thoughts on the new coaches?"
CD: "Honestly, it's been like night and day. I think last year's coach was a good coach but just wasn't the right one. I really like the new coaching staff and am behind them and what they believe and what they do. I just think that they are really good for the program."

UABsports: "Who's the funniest teammate?"
CD: "Probably coach (Messersmith) because she is a lot like me."

UABsports: "Who's the most inspirational teammate?"
CD: "Brianna Galvin"

UABsports: "Who's the most intense teammate?"
CD: "Either Ivana or Nevena."

UABsports: "Where is your favorite place to eat in Birmingham?
CD: "Firebird."

UABsports: "What's your favorite movie?"
CD: "I don't really have one that sticks out, just anything scary."

UABsports: "How about your favorite TV show?"
CD: "Desperate Housewives or Grey's Anatomy."

UABsports: "Who's your favorite professor at UAB?
CD: "Probably Professor Renna. I think she's fun and interesting."

UABsports: "I know it's a ways off with you just being a sophomore, but what would your dream job be after college?"
CD: "Well I'm not really sure what my major is right now so I guess just making a lot of money. I want to be well off and I want to travel when I'm young."

That's all for this week's edition of "On Court".

Go Blazers!