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Every week UABsports.com will sit down with a member of the UAB volleyball team to get the inside scoop on what's going on with the team on the court as well as what the athletes are up to off the court. This week we take an inside look at UAB volleyball and the life of junior middle blocker Shaniquwa Cooper. Cooper has started in 16 matches for the Blazers this season and ranks second on the team in blocks with 39. She needs just nine more blocks to reach 200 rejections for her career. Now we go "On Court" with Shaniquwa Cooper...

UABsports.com: "What are your thoughts on how the season has gone up to this point?"
Shaniquwa Cooper: "I think the season has been going very well. I think we've grown a lot as a team and we're learning to play together and learning where each other are on the court. We're also getting used to our new coach so I think everything has just been going really well."

UABsports: "Now three of your last four matches have went to five games, which match this season has been the most memorable for you?"
SC: "When we played last week against Memphis because we've never played more like a team and it was a very big stepping stone for us."

UABsports: "There are always big matches during the conference season but which match are you looking forward to the most?"

SC: "Probably Tulsa. Tulsa's number one in the conference right now and if we beat them that would be great."

UABsports: "Is there anyone on the team who does any good impressions of people?"

SC: "Coach (Messersmith) does good impressions of other people. She does a good Aleksandra (Vujovic) and Nicole (Bowland) and she also does a good Andrea (Lalic)."

UABsports: "Are there any good cooks on this team?"

SC: "I don't think we have any cooks on this team (laughter)."

UABsports: "If you were given the opportunity to trade places with any one person for one day, who would it be and why?"

SC: "If I could trade places with one person for a day I think it would be Brianna Galvin because she has the most heart and desire that I've ever seen anyone play with before. She's a great leader on this team - she's one of those silent leaders that does everything with a purpose and I guess I'd just like a little piece of that."

UABsports: "How about playing volleyball growing up, what's your favorite childhood memory of playing volleyball?"

SC: "My favorite memory growing up was sophomore year in high school playing club and I hit a ball at the 10-foot line and broke a girls nose and her glasses."

UABsports: "Now let's say that you were a student-athlete at UAB, what do you think you'd be doing right now?"

SC: "I would probably be playing basketball at a small college in Ohio because I wasn't the greatest basketball player but I was decent enough to play somewhere.

UABsports: "Have you ever met anyone famous?"

SC: "The only person I've met that is famous was Monica."

UABsports: "Speaking of celebrities, if someone where to make a film based on your life, who would play you and what would the film be called?

SC: "I think Senal Lathan would play me and it would be called "I like to be Seen Not Heard"."

UABsports: "What about on this team, who do you think is most likely to be famous someday?"

SC: "I'm going to say Ivana (Bozic). She's a great athlete and I think she could make a national team and plus she's really outgoing."

UABsports: "What's it been like playing for this new coaching staff?"

SC: "I think they compliment each other real well. They cover every aspect of the game and they help each other out and just make a really good team."

UABsports: "What's the best thing about playing volleyball at UAB?"

SC: "The best thing is that you get to meet all these great people and build friendships and we get to do what we love to do everyday. It's been great and I'm going to be real sad when it's over."

UABsports: " Okay to finish up with, tell us the first thing that comes to mind for each of the following questions. Funniest teammate?"

SC: "Leah Nye"

UABsports: "Most inspirational teammate?"

SC: "Brianna Galvin"

UABsports: "Most intense teammate?"

SC: "Casey Dent"

UABsports: "Best place to eat in Birmingham?"

SC: "Al's"

UABsports: "Your favorite movie?"

SC: "What's Love Got to do with it"

UABsports: "Favorite professor?"

SC: "Dr. Talbot" That's all for this week's edition of "On Court". Be sure to cheer for the Blazers this week as they take to the road for three road contests beginning at Georgia State on Tuesday.

Go Blazers!