Kickin' It With Kirsten and EJ #7

Junior Kirsten Ebert had a busy week both on and off the pitch.

Oct. 2, 2012

The week started off on an exciting note early Tuesday morning in the training room: the trainers were running around at 5:30 a.m. trying to catch a mouse that had somehow ended up in the training room. Following this, we had a good week of practice. We spent a lot of time working on transitioning quickly and finishing.

Thursday night, a few of our teammates went to a Latino celebration on the green. Emma Jane was selected to participate in a dance contest and she won! She gave UAB soccer a shout out in her victory speech! Also, it was coach Rebecca Whittle's birthday on Friday. Rebecca always knocks Emma Jane for her dance moves, so EJ gave her the prize that she won in the dance contest for her birthday.

Unfortunately, I (Kirsten) didn't get to participate in the festivities during the week because I had four exams last week- talk about stressful. Some other girls on the team were also doing some heavy studying for midterms or doing projects.

We took on Marshall on Friday. We had a pretty good group of supporters from the men's soccer team and the men's tennis team as well as some other athletes. Unfortunately, we lost on a heartbreaker PK late in the second half. We felt like we outplayed Marshall and the team was very bummed about the loss.

Saturday, we had an early morning jog, stretch, and film session. During the day, some of the girls went to support the football team. It was fun, but it got a little rainy in the second half. Many of the team's families were in town including freshman Kasey Johnson who was very excited to see her parents since she hasn't seen them since August. The men's soccer team played SMU on Saturday night, so we reciprocated the support and went to watch them. They also lost on a heartbreaker PK- tough weekend for UAB Soccer.

Sunday morning we had pre-game meal, treatments in the training room, and then took on ECU. Again, we felt like we outplayed them and were able to move the ball well around them, but we didn't get the result that we wanted. It was pouring rain for the whole game and playing in heavy, soaked jerseys was definitely a challenge.



We are looking forward to the long trip to El Paso and Colorado Springs this weekend. UTEP and Colorado College will be tough opponents, but we are excited to get two wins in our first conference away games.

As always, thanks for reading, and thanks for the support! Go Blazers!

Kirsten #9 and EJ #17