Kickin' It With Kirsten and EJ #5

UAB won it's first game of the season last weekend at Stetson

Sept. 18, 2012

Hello Blazer Fans!!!

We had another busy week as we geared up for our last two nonconference games, against Stetson and Florida Atlantic. We started off the week with a very intense "battling" practice where we worked on 1v1s to big goals. The rest of the week's practices were all about competing and transitioning quickly. We headed to Florida early Thursday morning and trained at FAU on Thursday afternoon.

On Friday morning we drove to Stetson. While we didn't play our best game, we finally pulled off a win! We had great performance from people off the bench including freshman Ashley Naumoff who scored the second goal for us. The team was in good spirits for the drive back to Boca Raton.

And the drive is where our "Food Bag War" began. The food bag is a duffle bag that holds all of our snacks for the trip. When we took two separate vans to DeLand, naturally both vans wanted to be in charge of it. Every time we stopped along the trip, it was a fight over which van got to have all the snacks. Finally, Rebecca's van stole all the snacks out of the bag and gave the near empty bag back to Kate's van. It turned out to be a pretty heated competition!

Saturday after breakfast, we jogged, stretched and checked out FAU's game field. On our way back from field we had a great time making up a rap about how great of a driver Kate is, haha The rest of the day was left to studying or just relaxing. Saturday night we ate dinner at Cheesecake Factory! Obviously, we were not allowed to get cheesecake, but it was still a treat! Kennedy Depperschmidt even recognized that our waitress was a former contestant on The Bachelor. She seemed a little embarrassed that we blew her cover haha

We had an early morning on Sunday since our game was at 11 a.m. We started off slow against FAU and let them get up on us early in the game; however, we did have a great rally towards the end of the second half that we thought was going to end in a W for us. Sadly, we couldn't finish out the comeback, but we were proud of our ability to fight.



We kick off our conference schedule against Southern Miss on Friday. The squad is looking at conference as a clean slate and hope to turn it around completely for this half of the season. As always, thanks for following!

Go Blazers!

Kirsten #9 and EJ #17