Kickin' It With Kirsten and EJ #4

Sept. 12, 2012

Hi Soccer Fans-

Last week was busy academically for a lot of our teammates. This time of the semester usually means the first quizzes or exams in many classes. We have been spending a lot of time in study hall with our noses in textbooks- they do call us STUDENT-athletes for a reason haha. I know a group of our freshmen had an intense study session for a psychology exam on Thursday. A great part about being a student-athlete is that we have teammates for help with school. There are also tons of other resources that the athletic department provides to help us succeed in the classroom that we really appreciate.

On top of academics, we also had a tough week of practice including a particularly hard conditioning session with our strength coach on Tuesday. We play a "gauntlet type game where two people go into a circle and use blocking pads to try to push each other out. It is fun to watch and definitely gets competitive!

We headed to Ole Miss on Friday afternoon. On the bus, we watched the movie Act of Valor. It was a great war movie that said a lot about teamwork. Sad to say we lost to Ole Miss, but our heads are still high and we are confident. We know what we need to work on and fix to be successful. Our non-conference schedule definitely has the bulk of our toughest opponents this season, so we will be very prepared once we get into C-USA play.

We go to Stetson and FAU this weekend and are looking forward to gaining some momentum before we start conference games. Hopefully we will have some great news for next week's blog. Thanks for reading! Up the Blazers!

Kirsten #9 and EJ #17