Kickin' It With Kirsten and EJ #3

Sept. 4, 2012

Hey Blazer Fans!!!

We had another tough weekend of soccer. Although we did not get the results we anticipated there were many firsts for the team and a few for some of our teammates. We started off the weekend playing the third ranked team in the country, Oklahoma State. We had lost to Oklahoma State the previous year and we were excited to get another chance to play them and possibly pull off the upset. We started off the game extremely well; freshmen Paige Hanks scored a goal within the first fifteen minutes of the game! It was a great moment for our team, it was not only Paige's first goal of her career, but it was also the first goal of the 2012 season!!! It was a hard fought game and we made some unfortunate mistakes that ultimately cost us. Johanna Liney also scored her first goal of the season during the match.

On Saturday we all had to come into coaches office to watch film of the Oklahoma State game. We watched and discussed what we did well and then went over our mistakes and ways we could prevent these mistakes in the next game. After film everyone who played had mandatory ice baths. If you have never taken an ice bath they are not pleasant!!! We have to sit in tank of 50-degree water between 10 and 15 minutes. It's definitely a shock to the body. Later that day many of us went to the UAB football game. It was great to finally see the football team in action! It was an awesome environment for their first home opener against Troy. Despite the rain and the loss we look forward to going to more games this fall!

On Sunday night we had a big game against our cross-town rival Samford. Like in our previous game we scored the first goal in the first 15th minutes, but this time it was another freshmen, Paige Hoffman, who ripped the shot. The shot came from about 25 yards out that floated right over Samford's keeper. Despite scoring first we could not win the game.



The start to our season has not been ideal, but we will continue to fight for each other. These losses have only brought our team together and we WILL find a way to win. Like always we will keep our heads up and fight on! We are still early into the season and we are not even in conference play yet! We are looking forward to a good week of training and then our away game against SEC rival Ole Miss on Friday night! Thanks for following and Go Blazers!!

Kirsten #9 and EJ #17