Kickin' It With Kirsten and EJ #2

Senior Emma Jane Smith

Aug. 29, 2012

Hey Soccer Fans!

Last week was extremely busy for us. It was our first true week of classes, and we had just got back from Oregon on Monday afternoon. We started training right away on Tuesday morning to prep for the upcoming weekend. Our training session was a recovery session, and the following days we worked on possession and finishing. We have been playing a lot of one-touch games that are challenging, but they definitely improve our speed of thought and speed of play.

We also hosted our Alumni Game on Friday afternoon. It was awesome to see a lot of the former players! We got to play against some of the more recent UAB Alum such as Tiffini Turpin, Allison Young, Allison Belsterling, Pascale Pinard, and Morgan Haney. Also, our current coach Kate Blankenship played in goal for the Alumni team- she has definitely gotten rusty in the passed few years, but she made some impressive saves! haha. It was also fun to play against and meet some of the older Alumni; many of them had babies on the sideline.

In the game, the Alum scored first, but we countered them quickly and ended up winning 3-1. After the game, we had a tailgate at the field. We ate Full Moon BBQ and then watched the men's soccer team play Mercer.

We had early practice the next day to go over tactics and get some touches in. Some of the team went to eat breakfast at the Commons afterwards. They have really great brunch on the weekends! Saturday during the day, UAB Football had their fan day at the mall. While we were out there supporting them, we convinced coach McGee to have the football team come to our game. He made it mandatory for them to come to the first half, so we had quite the crowd. We definitely felt some Blazer love.



Sunday morning we had pre-game meal at 9. We ate Crestline Bagel- a team favorite! Coach also talked to us about things we could do in the game to be successful against Alabama. Clearly we didn't execute these things the way we should have, and the result showed. The team was very bummed about the loss, but we are still feeling confident about our season and our upcoming games. While this game did not turn out how we hoped, we know how good we can be and we are going to keep our heads up and move forward.

We play this weekend at home against Oklahoma State on Friday at 7 p.m., and then we go across town at Samford on Sunday at 6 p.m. We hope you can make it- we always love the support! Thanks for reading!

Kirsten #9 and EJ #17