Europe Tour Blog #4

Amy Harrison and the Blazers took a trip to the Lindt chocolate factory on Wednesday.

March 21, 2013

Wednesday of Europe Trip.

Today we travelled to the city of Aachen, Germany. Very fitting the city is called the water city, as it rained the whole time we were there. We took a guided tour of the city and really got a feel for the history and culture. We learned that pinky up is how people from Aachen greet each other, and that community and coming together is a very important part of their culture.

A medal is given annually to someone who brings the county together. This started with a man that cut down the fence that separated Germany into two different parts. As we were leaving many school kids were out partying in the streets. A couple girls asked one student what they were celebrating. He responded that high school seniors about to graduate dress as if they are going to carnival and party through the city to a pool were they all go swimming.

On the way back to our hotel in the Netherlands we stopped at the Lindt chocolate factory. The girls were all so overwhelmed with the variety of chocolate they had. From cayenne flavored chocolate to blueberry-shake flavored chocolate--you name it, they had it. Safe to say we single handedly kept them in business for the rest of the year. A majority of the girls walked out carrying boxes of chocolates as gifts for family members. It's definitely a highlight of the trip so far.

After getting back to the hotel, we had an amazing pre-game dinner to get our minds set for the game. We didn't have much time to rest before hopping back on the bus and driving to the fields to play Fortuna Sittard. Even with such a short transition period from fun in the city to a tough game against a Dutch club team, we as a team knew what we needed to do and that was to control the tempo of the game by keeping the ball and moving for each other.

It took us a second to figure out the other team's strengths and weaknesses but once we did, keeping the ball was easy. We were able to use quick combinations, lots of movement, and had great work ethic to win the ball back as soon as we lost it. Most importantly, we finished our chances when given and knocked 4 goals in to the back of the net to pull off the 4-1 win. Kasey Johnson, a freshman, had a hat trick and Skylar Phillips, a junior topped off the game with the last goal.



It was great to see the team seem so unified and strong, even with this being our third game in a row. We always seem to be able to come together and work for each other, set aside our aches and pains. Overall, today was a great experience for all of us. We were able to tour such a culture-rich city, buy and eat some mouth-watering chocolate, and win on another countries pitch.

Megan Collins #15, Amy Harrison #3