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2012-2013 SCHEDULE
Date Opponent / Event Location Time / Result
Central Florida Classic
10/13/12 Central Florida Classic Day 1 Orlando, Fla. All Day
10/14/12 Central Florida Classic Day 2 Orlando, Fla. 4th Place
Bulldog Challenge
10/20/12 Bulldog Challenge Huntsville, Ala. 5th Place
Hornet Classic
11/10/12 Hornet Classic Day 1 Montgomery, Ala. All Day
11/11/12 Hornet Classic Day 2 Montgomery, Ala. 4th Place
Kat Klash
11/30/12 Kat Klash Day 1 Huntsville, Texas All Day
12/01/12 Kat Klash Day 2 Huntsville, Texas All Day
12/02/12 Kat Klash Day 3 Huntsville, Texas 10th Place
Mid Winter
01/11/13 Mid Winter Classic Day 1 Jonesboro, Ark. All Day
01/12/13 Mid Winter Classic Day 2 Jonesboro, Ark. All Day
01/13/13 Mid Winter Classic Day 3 Jonesboro, Ark. 14th Place
Lady Bulldog Challenge
01/18/13 Lady Bulldog Challenge Day 1 TBA All Day
01/20/13 Lady Bulldog Challenge Day 3 TBA 4th Place
01/19/13 Lady Bulldog Challenge Day 2 TBA All Day
Hoosier Indy
02/16/13 Hoosier Indy Day 1 TBA All Day
02/17/13 Hoosier Indy Day 2 TBA All Day
Holiday Classic
02/22/13 Holiday Classic Day 1 Bessemer, Ala. All Day
02/23/13 Holiday Classic Day 2 Bessemer, Ala. All Day
02/24/13 Holiday Classic Day 3 Bessemer, Ala. All Day
Greater Ozark
03/01/13 Greater Ozark Day 1 Springfield, Mo. All Day
03/02/13 Greater Ozark Day 2 Springfield, Mo. All Day
03/03/13 Greater Ozark Day 3 Springfield, Mo. 9th Place
03/08/13 USBC Sectionals Singles TBA All Day
USBC Sectionals Team
03/09/13 USBC Sectionals Team Day 1 TBA All Day
03/10/13 USBC Sectionals Team Day 2 TBA All Day
Music City
03/15/13 Music City Day 1 Smyrna, Tenn. All Day
03/16/13 Music City Day 2 Smyrna, Tenn. All Day
03/17/13 Music City Day 3 Smyrna, Tenn. 20 out of 29
NCAA Championship
04/11/13 NCAA Championship TBA All Day
04/12/13 NCAA Championship TBA All Day
04/13/13 NCAA Championship TBA All Day
04/19/13 USBC ITC Day 1 TBA All Day
04/20/13 USBC ITC Day 2 TBA All Day
04/21/13 USBC ITC Day 3 TBA All Day
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