Q&A With Men's Soccer's Chase Wickham

UABSPORTS.COM Redshirt senior midfielder Chase Wickham has one assist in 2013.
Redshirt senior midfielder Chase Wickham has one assist in 2013.

Oct. 21, 2013

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. – The nationally ranked UAB men’s soccer is near the end of the 2013 regular season, with four matches remaining. Redshirt senior midfielder Chase Wickham has been a key contributor for UAB this season, starting all but two matches. Wickham sat down with UABsports.com to discuss his time in Birmingham and much more.

How did you choose to come to UAB?
“Originally, the plan was to go to the NCAA right after high school. I was set back one year though. My old friend from Richmond, British Columbia was down here at the time and he got me in contact with the coaches. I came down for a winter identification camp and spoke with Coach. Then I came down here the next summer.”

What has been your favorite moment at UAB?
“One moment that I really remember is winning the Conference USA regular season championship two years ago, which was my first year. It was such an exciting moment. Another one was just playing in the NCAA Tournament, that first game against Charlotte. Watching NCAA basketball and football back home when I was younger with my dad and brother, to actually play in it is such a different experience. It was just a pleasure to be able to win the conference and play in the NCAA Tournament.”

What will you miss most about UAB?
“I am going to say the team. It’s a real brotherhood when you are playing with the same guys for three or four years now. Obviously, I’ve spent a lot of time with the freshmen just over this year. I have been helping to nurture them; traveling together, doing everything together, getting in trouble together, and helping each other out. We mostly all live together. If you ever need anything, food, whatever you need. The whole brotherhood feel, having a miniature family here, that is what I will most the most.”

If you did not play soccer, what sport would you play?
“The sport I would have played is basketball, probably. I played a bunch of sports in high school. I played volleyball, dodgeball, basketball, soccer, and track and field. My biggest opportunity was actually in track and field. I was offered by a few schools in the States for track and field. I didn’t love it; soccer is always what I loved to do. I fell in love with basketball in high school, as well. I didn’t last long. I did play, but I wasn’t great. I wasn’t tall enough or big enough. I was very small. It was a very small window to be able to make it. Soccer, I had been playing on a team since I was five years old. I always had that skill and knack for it after developing it for so many years. If I had to choose the sport I enjoyed most other than soccer, it would be basketball.”

What is one thing people do not know about you?
“I love to study my Bible. I study my Bible a lot. I’ll have a coffee and read my Bible. Correlated with that, I actually lived in Spain for half a year and went to Bible school there. The year I had to wait out to go to the NCAA, I actually went to Bible school and lived in Spain for a bit.”

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