Excerpts From UAB Football Coach Watson Brown's Comments At His Weekly Media Conference

Nov. 7, 2000

WHAT DO YOU DO AGAINST A GREAT DEFENSE LIKE SOUTHERN MISS HAS (The Golden Eagles are ranked fifth nationally in Total Defense): "Well, I think you have to be patient, first of all. Louisville punted eight times and still scored 49 points. There were a lot of turnovers and they got the ball in good field position, and when they got opportunities, they scored. You just don't take the ball down the field against this defense. But if you lose your poise, you get in more trouble. So we've got to take what we can get, let our defense match theirs and make it a great football game and one of us will win it in the end. That's exactly what happened in the Memphis game (UAB 13, Memphis 9 on Oct. 14)."

IS IT GOOD NEWS OR BAD NEWS THAT SOUTHERN MISS LOST LAST WEEK (Louisville 49, USM 28): "It's bad news. We're good at this. We seem to wait until somebody gets upset to play them (the next week). I remember when we played Virginia Tech here a couple of years ago the week after they lost at home to Temple (Virginia Tech 41, UAB 0, 10/24/98). I'm sure Southern Miss will be ready to play, but we've got a lot at stake too, and we're going to be ready to play. I hope it's a great game."

WHAT ABOUT UAB'S CHANCES AT EARNING ONE OF THE C-USA BOWL BIDS?: "The only way we can take care of that is win the last two games. It might take that. We've got a lot left to play for in this season. Somebody said to me `well you've got your winning season, are they backing off?' -- no, we played as hard as we could at Cincinnati. We just didn't play well and got beat. We'll come back and play hard again this week."

COULD THESE FINAL TWO REGULAR SEASON GAMES BE THE MOST IMPORTANT SINCE YOU'VE BEEN HERE (AT UAB)?: "Well, every time we take another step. I think by getting to six wins, then you can talk about this kind of thing (big games, bowls, etc.). So that is the next step. I'd like to get it this year (a bowl bid), but if we don't then we go again the next time. We've had this (a bowl bid) as a goal all along, trying to get one of the four bowls that are tied in to Conference USA. But in our league, you don't get one just with wins, you've got to finish high enough in the league standings. There won't be another bowl to take us if we don't get one of the four tied in to the league. You've got to win league games, and we've got two left and we've got to try and win them both."

ON THE TEAM'S INJURY SITUATION: "We're not going to get anyone back the rest of the year. The ones who have been out (Willie Quinnie, Artavious Williams, Kevin Grace, James Orrick, Leroy Harris) are still out. We didn't lose anybody Saturday (at Cincinnati). Otis Leverette had a slight concussion but will be OK. We'd like to get Marlon Bush back, our other defensive tackle, but I think he's still questionable."