Blazer Football Completes Second Spring Scrimmage

April 16, 2001

THE NUMBERS: The Blazers ran through 92 plays - 56 passing, 36 rushing -- in just over one hour.? Senior quarterback Jeff Aaron took 45 snaps, while redshirt junior Thomas Cox took 47.?? There were 11 penalties (seven of which were either false starts by the offense or offside by the defense), three fumbles, and one interception.? The offensive units compiled 525 yards - 345 passing, 180 rushing.

AARON LOOKS STRONG AGAIN:? Aaron completed 13 of 29 passing attempts for 202 yards, and six rushing yards.?? Although touchdowns were not an official statistic in the scrimmage format, the junior from Montgomery (Jeff Davis HS) would have had two, both on completions to flanker Willie Quinnie.? Aaron has not thrown an interception in 53 passing attempts in the two scrimmages this spring.

FAVORITE TARGET:? Aaron has developed a habit of hooking up with junior flanker Willie Quinnie.?? The two connected seven times in Monday's scrimmage for 90 yards.? In last week's scrimmage, Aaron and Quinnie got together seven times for 147 yards.

RUSHING ATTACK IMPROVES:? One noticeable improvement in Monday's scrimmage was in the running game.?? The Blazer offensive units put up 180 rushing yards, led by junior Bernard Anderson with 64 yards on nine carries.? Last week, offense rushed for less than 100 yards total.??

WHO IS THAT?: ?One newcomer that drew attention Monday was walk-on reciever Josh Brown, a freshman from Homewood High School.? Brown caught four passes for 58 yards in the scrimmage, including one from Cox that went for 49 yards.

COACH BROWN'S COMMENTS:? Following Monday's scrimmage, Blazer coach Watson Brown expressed concern that the offensive - specifically the passing game - had regressed a bit since last week's surprisingly good performance.

"It just wasn't as good," he said.

"We had a lot of penalties.? I don't know if it's the fact that there are more things being put in and they have to think more, I just don't know.? We went backwards.? I was surprised how good it went last week, to tell you the truth, we didn't have as many penalties (six in the first scrimmage, 11 in the second).? Between the penalties and the dropped passes, it's hard to say how good it was.? I counted 11 drops in the scrimmage - and that counts both (the first and second) teams.? I think the first team offense dropped seven of those, and that's hard on your quarterback.?? You cannot put pressure on your quarterback like that.? He's got to have some plays.

The disappointment today was the dropped passes.? In the first scrimmage it didn't seem like we dropped any balls -- maybe one or two real early, but after that we caught everything.? Also the penalties.? Most of them offensive penalties.?

The one thing we did better today was we ran the ball much better.? And that disappoints me a little in terms of our defense.? But to take up for our defense, we play some of our better players about two series and then you don't see them again.? So it's a lot of young kids out there.?

Overall, I thought we went backwards a little bit today.

I thought both of the main running backs - Bernard Anderson and Dedric Hardrick - did better today.? It's hard to tell about the offensive line, but I thought there was some movement today and we didn't get any last time.? We were knocking people off the ball - it started in the middle of last week and carried over into today's scrimmage.? That was better.?

It's really hard to tell anything about the defense until you watch the tape.?

Again, I thought Jeff (Aaron) performed well, but I don't think his stats are going to be real good because when you throw six or seven drops in there, that's really tough.? When you're throwing passes in the mid-20s and six or seven of them are dropped, that's tough on your stats.? I didn't think he threw but one bad ball all day, that one could have been picked off, but they dropped it - even our defensive guys were dropping it today."

PRACTICE SCHEDULE:? Tuesday workout at 2:00 pm (shorts), Wednesday off, Thursday workout at 3:00 pm (full gear), Friday off.

BLAZER DAY SATURDAY:? The Blazers will hold their final scrimmage of the spring on Saturday, Apr. 21, at 2:00 pm at West Campus Field, as part of "Blazer Day 2001" festivities.? The scrimmage is free and open to the public.?? The UAB-Memphis baseball game will follow at 3:00 pm at Young Memorial Field.

#2 JEFF AARON (QB)    Pass: 13-20, 202 yds., 0 int., Rush: 3-6 yds.
#14 THOMAS COX (QB)    Pass: 14-27, 143 yds. 1 int., Rush: 10-47 yds.
#32 BERNARD ANDERSON (RB)    Rush: 9-64 yds.
#33 DEDRIC HARDRICK (RB)    Rush: 8-38 yds., Rec.: 1-3 yds.
#41 CORDELL DAVIS (RB)    Rush: 5-15 yds.
#5 WILLIE QUINNIE (FLK)    Rec.: 7-90 yds.
#10 JOSH BROWN (WR)    Rec.: 4-58 yds.
#7 KENNY BORDERS (WR)    Rec.: 3-55 yds.
#26 ANDRE OLLIE (WR)    Rec.: 4-33 yds.
#3 TRAVIS JOHNSON (SE)    Rec.: 2-27 yds.
#15 ANDREW KOPECKY (S)    Interception