Coach Brown's Comments On Monday's Scrimmage

April 10, 2001

"Offensively, we were not very coordinated on the run up front, with the running backs, tight end tackle...seeing the right hole. The tight ends overall must improve, they're all inexperienced and not ready to win yet. One of them has got to come through, and we've got to have a backup. So we've got to get a lot done there.

The quarterbacks played pretty well, the receivers played pretty well.

Defensively, it's a little hard to say. There were a lot of young guys out there. We're a lot better in the secondary than we were last fall. Now I want to see it coordinated, and not have us keep giving up big plays. But we've got a chance to be pretty good back there, where last year I thought we were average. All these kids are back (Adrian Singleton, Chris Brown, Avery Warner, Pat Burchfield, Torrey Hale) and then there are some young ones that are getting better. Dio Hill has really improved and has really helped us. Mario Stanley is really helping us. Sentell Winston is a much better player right now than he was at the end of last year. And Wes Foss has really improved, so our depth has really been strengthened. We feel good about that.

I thought we played `average' up front, but they were our backups mostly, and some new guys, so we've got to get better there.

Overall, what I was most disappointed in was our backup positions. I didn't think we played well enough in our second teams - all the way around. There weren't enough of them in that scrimmage that I would have been able to put out on the field on a Saturday and give a break to the guy in front of them, and that's not a good sign. I think a football team that can win a championship is only as good as its second team. And I didn't feel like our second teams across the board - offensively or defensively - were nearly as good as they need to be. They need to have a sense of urgency to step up, because there are a lot of them that have played some, and they need to get better."