Clark Addresses Media Prior To Start Of Spring Practice

March 11, 2014

Press Conference Quotes

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. ---- With his first spring practice at UAB only a day away, Blazers' head coach Bill Clark addressed the media at an afternoon press conference Tuesday.

Clark said he is anxious to get on the field with the Blazers for the first time.

"Tomorrow's our first day, we're very excited and there's a lot of excitement out of our guys," he said. "We'll get five practices before spring break and finish up after spring break going into right before finals week getting ready for our big spring game."

Clark said he and his coaching staff will be giving their players plenty of information to absorb in the coming weeks. "We're just big on throwing it all at them," said Clark. "We throw a lot of things at them and it's kind of one of those things where you throw it up against the wall and it falls off, then you throw some more. It's kind of an overload situation for them. We won't get into game planning, but we will give them a lot of information."

Clark also talked about instilling confidence and boosting team morale.

"In every defensive category, we were ranked over 100th, out of 123 (FBS) teams," Clark said. "Some of that defensively is technique. It's tackling, it's getting off blocks, it's effort in getting to the ball. I won't promise where we'll be but they are going to be challenged on that every single day. I don't know if that's winning or losing, but these are direct things that cause you to win or lose.

"People always talk about what kind of offense are you going to run. We are going to be an offense that protects the ball. If you protect the football, then you've got a good chance to win. On defense, we're trying to get the football. We go back to those core values and our fundamentals and those in turn will help the winning and losing. Everyone wants to hear, `If I do these certain things, success is going to follow.' We've got a pretty good track of record of the things that help. There's no guarantee that you are going to do it again, but the guys can have confidence that what we are teaching them will work."

The Blazers will hold their final practice prior to spring break on March 21, then resume drills on Sunday, March 30. UAB will wrap up spring practice on Friday, April 18 with the spring game at West Campus Field.

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