Blazer Football To Hold Pro Timing Day Thursday

Feb. 28, 2001

UAB Football will hold its annual Junior/Senior Pro Timing Day on Thursday, Mar. 1 at the football practice complex and Bartow Arena weight rooms.

The schedule will allow representatives of teams from the NFL, XFL, CFL, Arena leagues, etc., to interview UAB student-athletes and staff personnel, as well as to watch game tapes.?

UAB senior student-athletes who will participate include:

Johnni Arrington (TE)

Percy Coleman (RB)

Cory Conley (RB)

Undrae Crosby (TE)

Daniel Dixon (QB)

Tony Dollison (OL)

Tyson Eason (LB)

Ryan Estes (OL)

Carl Fair (RB)

Chad Ferraez (SNP)

Kevin Ford (OL)

Kevin Grace (OL)

Josh Holden (TE)

Rodney Jones (DL)

Eric Lampley (DE)

Otis Leverette (DE)

Tim Medders (OL)

Patrick Murrah (FL)

Rajohn Myles (DE)

James Orrick (OL)

Cedric Thatch (RB)

The following tests will be administered:?


  1. Height, weight.
  2. Bench press.
  3. Broad jump
  4. Vertical jump.
  5. 40-yard dash
  6. Any specialized agility required by a particular team.


In addition to the seniors listed, the following juniors will also participate:

Jeff Aaron (QB)

Adrian Abrams (LB)

Patrick Burchfield (DB)

Derrick Bush (DB)

Marlon Bush (DL)

Josh Case (OL)

Jon Criswell (RB)

Aron Dickerson (OL)

Jegil Dugger (RB)

Wes Foss (DB)

Preston Fray (OL)

Eddie Freeman (DL)

Rhett Gallego (PK)

Maurice Gallery (DB)

Deijon Hart (DB)

Travis Johnson (SE)

Andrew Kopecky (DB)

Leron Little (SE)

Ryan Meeks (DE)

Adrian Singleton (DB)

Brad Spencer (OL)

Nick Stewart (LB)

Rody Taylor (LB)

Bryan Thomas (DE)
Kirk Tuck (OL)

Avery Warner (DB)

Royd Williams (SE)

The following tests will be administered to the junior prospects:


1.???? Written test.

2.???? Height, weight.

3.???? Bench press.

4.???? 40-yard dash.




Mar, 1, 2001

7:30-9:30 am ????????????? Film, Player interviews (Meeting Room)

9:30 am?????????????????????? Trainer Interviews (Meeting Room)

9:45 am ????????????????????? Strength Coach Interviews (Meeting Room)

10:00 am-12:30 pm???? Vertical jump, broad jump, height/weight, hand span, etc. (Arena)

12:30 pm-1:30 pm?????? Lunch (Arena concourse)

1:30 pm?????????????????????? Bench press (Arena weight rooms)

2:30 pm?????????????????????? 40-yard dash (UAB practice field)