Get To Know Your Blazers: Tyler Madison

UAB's Tyler Madison enters his first season with the Blazers in 2013-14

Oct. 23, 2013

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. --- UAB freshman guard Tyler Madison, who is one of six newcomers on the 2013-14 UAB men’s basketball team, recently sat down with for a brief question and answer session.  

Talk about your experience so far here at UAB. Did growing up in nearby Columbiana, Ala., influence your decision to come to UAB?
“I love it. I love the atmosphere. We have a great coaching staff and a lot of veterans on the team, so I get to learn a lot from them. I get to battle with them every day, so I think it makes me better. It makes everybody else better also. Growing up only 30 minutes away from UAB gave me a lot of opportunities to come see the Blazers growing up, so that definitely played a factor in my decision to come here.”

Talk about this recruiting class that you are a part of. It was ranked No. 18 by, and is a very highly regarded recruiting class. How have you all been able to mesh together in these first few months?
“Me and Denzell Watts are actually really close because we were roommates over the summer. We were able to play a lot together, play some one on one, and learn each other’s games. We can see where each other will be at on the court and play well together, so I love that.”

A lot of people may not know this about you, but you are Shelby County High School’s all-time leading scorer and all-time leading rebounder and averaged a double-double your senior year. Describe your style of play.
“My ninth and 10th grade years of high school, I played post because I was a lot bigger and a lot stronger than everybody. My junior year I transferred to the wing a lot, so I think that plays a factor in my wing playing being physical and getting offensive and defensive rebounds.”



Who is the best dancer on the UAB men’s basketball team?
“I’d probably have to say coach (Rob) Ehsan. He’s a real energized person. He’ll be on the court before practice dancing, so I think he has some moves.” 

If you could get coach Haase anything for Christmas, what would it be?
“That‘s a hard question because coach is someone who is happy about anything. If I had to get him something it would probably be some dancing lessons. He told us the story about him being the worst dancer on the Kansas team, so I would probably sign him up for some lessons or something.”

What is it like to play for coach Haase?
“It’s great because I think when he was at Kansas he was a real tough guy. He has a book called “Floor Burns” that really says a lot because he was a person that does the dirty work. That really ties into me because I want to be the type of person who makes the dirty plays.”