Donnie Marsh Blog

Jan. 11, 2010

Another gritty win in New Orleans. It's never pretty when we play down there. They always play hard. They always play physically. They always play with a bit of a chip on their shoulders. And they always test you to see just how badly you want to win there. They throw everything at you and you either respond or you leave with your tail between your legs, wondering how you let one get away. Our kids have responded each time the past four (4) years we have faced Tulane in their place. Again Saturday night it wasn't easy, but it never is for any team going in there. We struggled getting any kind of offensive rhythm; we didn't share the ball the way we like to and need to; we forced way too many shots; we committed a number of cheap & unnecessary fouls; and we allowed them to dictate the pace of the game in the second half. Those are all areas we must "clean up" before our next time out against SMU. The good news is we have a solid week to get that done. The "break" comes at a good time as it will allow some of our guys to heal some bumps & bruises that have slowed them down a bit. It also gives the staff a chance to get back in the "lab" with our guys and work on the areas that we know are important to us getting better each game.

One thing's for certain, a win on the road at this time of year is something that is hard to come by so you don't look that gift horse in the mouth. Our guys understand that and to their credit they also understand the need for us to get better to continue this "climb" we're trying to make. But 14-2 & 2-0 in C-USA, and a chance to go back on the road at the end of this week to try to get a win in a place that hasn't been easy for us, has us focused on doing what we have to do to get better. We'll know how well we've learned our lessons when we face SMU next Saturday.

Let me finish this blog off by thanking the nice group of Blazer faithful who made the trip to New Orleans in support of the team. Hopefully you felt our appreciation when the kids made their way into the stands after the game. I have heard a few fans say they're coming to Dallas. We look forward to seeing and hearing you.



Take care and as always,