UAB-Oklahoma State Postgame Quotes

Dec. 28, 2005

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UAB head coach Mike Anderson


On the victory:

"I have to give credit to our staff and our guys.  They came out with such energy.  To play against an Eddie Sutton team - a very good basketball team - and to do the things we did tonight is another sign of progress in our program."


On the cause of the early advantage:

"I thought our guys came out defensively and we established tempo on the defensive side of the ball.  Of course Marvett, he just goes off. He is in a zone. I think it just perked everybody else up."




On the near sell-out crowd and atmosphere at Bartow Arena:

"It was a great atmosphere. It was a great crowd, great energy, and I think it just helped us go to another level tonight. We shot the ball at 73% the second half.  I mean you don't do that against an Eddie Sutton team unless it's just one of those nights.  I think this was just a phenomenal display for the nation to see up-tempo basketball."


On the play of Marvett McDonald:

"He was just in a zone. I think our guys did a good job of screening and finding him, but he created some shots himself. I'm trying to get him to be more of a scorer as opposed to a shooter. I think you saw that even tonight. People thought he was in a slump. He's not in a slump. This team is still finding itself and as they find themselves, they'll find him."


On the key to the game:

"I thought it was our defense. Our defense really got us going out there. We got easy buckets. Conditioning came into effect, too. With the defense we play, we can create the tempo that we want. If we can stay in the ball park rebounding and then shoot the basketball well, our chances are pretty good and that's what happened tonight."


On getting points in the paint:

"I think it was a combination of the turnovers that got us some. I thought also, we rebounded the ball well early on. We were getting rebounds in traffic and getting it out. It didn't matter on makes or misses ... we were pushing the basketball. There were times they scored and we get it out of the net and push it right back at them. It's a constant. Eventually, we're going to get some. Early on we weren't finishing, especially in the half court, but as the game went on, we were able to finish some shots."


Oklahoma State head coach Eddie Sutton


On UAB's performance:

"I thought they played a terrific game. They out played us, out worked us, played better defense then we did. I knew we would miss Marcus (Dove) but I didn't know we would miss him that much. I though our guys got rattled by the good defensive pressure they put on us. We turned the ball over and we really didn't execute offensively."


On Marvett McDonald's play:

"McDonald hit some big shots. The scouting report made it clear that he has great range. When you are having that good shooting night sometimes that basket looks like the ocean.  Mike (Anderson) really has a nice ball club and they could have very easily won two of those games they lost."


On OSU's defensive lapses:

"Our defensive transition was horrendous. They must have had at least 14 or more dunks. They hit some big shots and had a great shooting night. We didn't contain dribblers very well and they were able to penetrate and kicked it out. We didn't execute on either end of the court."


On Marcus Dove being out after an injury against Tennessee:

"Not having Marcus (Dove) is a big deal to our defense. Plus, his leadership ability, but I don't think we would have beat them with Marcus, but it would have been a better game."