UAB-Minnesota Postgame Comments

Dec. 14, 2005

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Minnesota Head Coach Dan Monson

Opening Statement:
"I think this summer when we were having trouble getting games and UAB was available, I think my fears of picturing how it could good nearly came true. That's a tough team to play. You feel like you're playing okay and then the next thing you know, they're on a run."

On the game:
"It was a difficult win. I think we did a lot of good things. And yet, we were also fortunate. We did a lot of things that could cost you basketball games. I think from that standpoint, it's a very good preseason win for us because there's a lot we can learn from that game."

On what his team will take from the game:
"We did a lot of things at the end, game management-wise that were very good. But we also did some things that we need to correct. I think there was a lot in that game that's correctable."

On his team overall:
"I think our team is getting better. It's healthy and it's winning. That's three wins during a stretch while we were not at full strength. Hopefully now, we break for finals and we can get a little more healthy and we'll begin to do some of the things that we were hoping to get on track during October and November."

On how UAB can his team can improve:
"I hope we can get this team to play a little bit better because UAB obviously exploited some things. It felt like we were in control during the first half. You've got to credit them. We had a chance to break it open and get more of a cushion. When we didn't that, they were like piranhas .They started smelling blood."

UAB Head Coach Mike Anderson

Opening Statement:
"As they say, close, but no cigar. Hats off to Minnesota. Our guys really hung in there and I'm proud of them. I thought they gave 110 percent. They had every opportunity , especially in the first half, to fold, but they didn't and to me, that's a great sign. I'll take the blame for the loss. Those guys gave themselves a chance."



On Minnesota:
"We played a pretty good Minnesota team. They made some shots tonight and they made some difficult shots as well. In the second half, we really got more into the rhythm of our defense. Demario Eddins got a chance at the end of the game. He didn't start and didn't play the whole first half and I think that stagnated us in terms of getting started. But that was just a team rule situation."

On accepting responsibility for the loss:
"I didn't have the right people in at the right time. You talk about making plays going down the stretch. In fact, the game didn't come down to the last play, when (Demario Eddins) fouled. It was a combination of plays. With two minutes to go, we were down two (points) and all we have to do is put pressure on Minnesota. And then we fouled and put them on the line, so now we're scrambling again. We strive and put in a lot of energy to catch up and make plays. Even when we make four-point plays and three-point plays, we had a couple of turnovers in between them."

On the return of Minnesota's original starting lineup:
"With Moe (Hargrow) being in there, he started off by hitting some shots. And he posted up our guards and made some shots. I told our guys that Minnesota's guards outplayed us in the first half. I thought our guys took up the challenge and worked hard in the second half. First you have a player like (Vincent) Grier who can go off and hit 20, and then Hargrow gets 20 tonight."