UAB-Nebraska Postgame Coaches Quotes

Dec. 3, 2005

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UAB Coach Mike Anderson quotes

On the difference in the game:

"We made free throws going down the stretch, but more importantly we made plays I think more than anything else. We beat a good Nebraska basketball team on the road. We are very fortunate. My hat's off to (Nebraska coach) Barry Collier and his team. They played extremely well, and they were making shots from everywhere in the first half and just dominating the boards. In the second half, we got the tempo going the way we wanted to. You saw us come out with a little more aggressiveness, pressure defense and creating some turnovers. We had some huge layups, and we were able to get to the free-throw line doing that. That kind of neutralized the rebounding stat."

On early runs to start both halves:

"The knock coming in was on our defense, and I thought our defense was a big difference in this game. We have been giving up 52 percent from the field for our opponents, 40-some percent from 3-point land, and to come in this game I'm really proud of our guys. We were able to create some turnovers--some key, key turnovers--and make some big stops more than anything else. We made stops when we had to, and boy we made some big shots. (Brandon) Tobias hit a big shot to tie it for us, and then our senior (Demario) Eddins made a big basket to win."

On senior forward Brandon Tobias:

"He showed us what he's capable of doing, and that's the way we have to do it. We're not a big, strong and powerful team, so we have to do it in different ways. Different guys have to step up for us. Our bench was huge for us today.

"In the second half, I thought Brandon was a big difference with his physicalness. When you get those guys to come out and play that way, all it does is helps those stars. Some times you put so much pressure on those guys, and they have to perform. When the bench comes in, it makes that a little easier. I said we had about 10 starters, and we proved it today."



Nebraska Coach Barry Collier quotes

Opening statement:

"I thought UAB gave us a lot of trouble with their ability to penetrate the middle. At the same time, they were able to hit their perimeter shots and to keep us guessing. But I thought our ultimate demise was on defense. The number of fouls we made and their ability to make their free throws really made a difference. It was a competitive game and credit goes to UAB. They did a great job."

On UAB's quick style of play:

"There was a lot of scrambling throughout the game. They make you make decisions. I thought we did a pretty good job of handling it though. We made maybe four or five errors that you have to credit UAB for, but they were also our fault with going over and back and dribbling out of bounds."

On the team's progress:

"We've done some good things. We're a long way from feeling like we're playing well though. We're not as fluid and consistent across the board as we'd like. I'm especially unimpressed with our defense tonight. We've been able to keep other teams from scoring so far this season and that didn't come through tonight."

On Nebraska's rebounding domination:

"This is the one area that we really hope to take to our advantage. Wes (Wilkinson) and Aleks (Maric) in particular were very active off the board. UAB was so scrambled tonight that there was always a pretty good chance we could get the board."

On Nebraska's final possession:

"Our strategy was that if they all sagged in on the basket then that would leave the perimeter open and we could have a shot from there. We hadn't had the greatest option from the 3-point line today, no one was really hitting consistently from there. But Jamel (White) got a good look and Bronsen (Schliep) made the right decision in getting it to him."