WKU-UAB Postgame Coaches Comments

Nov. 29, 2005

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Western Kentucky Head Coach Darrin Horn

On Western Kentucky's strategy toward the end of the game:
"We told our guys at around the four-minute mark, when we were up by 10 that the key was to keep attacking. We didn't want to play to not lose, we wanted to keep playing the same way that got us the lead, which was by attacking offensively. I think that the key to the game came in the second half at around the 15-minute mark. We really backed up and kept them in front of us, making them shoot perimeter shots and work the clock, which is something that they don't like to do."

On Western Kentucky's 3 point shooting, especially in the second half:
"You're not always going to be able to make shots like that. I hope that is a result of our mental focus and guys being ready to play. We had a poor start to the second half, but we were able to bounce back and play better basketball."

UAB Head Coach Mike Anderson

On the outcome:
"You have to take your hat off to Western Kentucky. They did what you had to do overall. In the second half they continued to make shots. You have got to be prepared to play through the half."

On his team's second-half performance:
"When we came back out we just could not get it going. It was disappointing from the stand point that I thought we had a lot better to show than what we did tonight. I take the blame for that. Normally after half time there are adjustments to make and we didn't get it done. We have got to get back in the game. They were much more aggressive, that is the really surprising thing. They made the shots. We have got cover the shooter better."

On UAB's poor free-throw shooting:
"You look at the free-throw line and that's atrocious. I know in my heart we're a better shooting basketball team. We've got to get back to practice and get better."

On WKU's outstanding shooting:
"They made shots, there's no question about it. Tonight, we had good effort (defensively), but just weren't getting to where they were. They would fake one way, step to the side, we would cover them and they would still make the shot. Tonight, we just didn't get there to cover the way we normally do."