Mike Davis Quotes

Nov. 13, 2007

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On the effectiveness of UAB's defense:
"We played well the second half. In the first half we missed a lot of free throws and a lot of lay-ups. The second half was faster and we really moved the basketball better. Forcing them to turn over the ball gave us a lot of open shots."

On the upcoming tournament in Daytona (Glenn Wilkes Classic):
"We go down and play games Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, then come back up and play two more games. So that's six games in two weeks. We're going to have to play tough and really focus to get it done."

On Berrios' performance:
"He's had to make some adjustments down here, but he's doing well and made some really good shots for us tonight. He's getting the hang of it and tonight he came through tonight with some good plays."