UAB vs. Tulane Postgame Comments

Feb. 15, 2006

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UAB head coach Mike Anderson
On tonight's game:

"We made it interesting I know that. Hats off to Tulane. I thought we had the game going in the direction we wanted it to go, but our guys probably thought the game was over with. You have to give Tulane credit, they got more aggressive with our pressure defense."
On Squeaky Johnson's big shot:
"The clock ran down and he barely got if off. One thing is our guys didn't panic. He made the shot, and that is what good players do. He played his heart out tonight and made the play, and that is what you got to have."
On getting points of turnovers:
"We are getting there, the rhythm is what we are doing about. The guys who got the rhythm going were the energy guys off the bench. The got the game going in the second half. We have to get more guys going with that intensity. We have to finish games off. We can't have bad turnovers, and good teams don't do that. Good teams build on that and continuing building, and that's what we talk about. You can't knock the effort our guys gave tonight."
On learning how to finish games:
"I think its getting it into their heads and getting the right personnel out there. The game isn't 30 minutes, and that is what our guys played tonight. We had the game going and in previous games, we have been able to put teams away. For some strange reason tonight and in the East Carolina game we didn't. You have to have the right personnel on the floor."




Tulane head coach Dave Dickerson


On the game:

 "I'm proud of my team and their effort and the energy they played with.  For being on the road and going against one of the best teams in the country, our guys played hard for forty minutes.  We just couldn't make enough right plays to win the game at the end.  We have some inexperienced guards who couldn't make the plays that they (UAB) made to win the game.  So, that's the difference in the teams." 


On the play of Quincy Davis:

"Quincy Davis was unbelievable even though he had to sit out seven minutes in the second half.  His effort, his toughness, his rebounding and his free throw shooting kept us in the game."


On his team's confidence level:

"As a team, we talk a lot and maybe we talk too much, but we felt comfortable that we could come in here and win this game.  Our thing was not to look at the scoreboard, just play hard for forty minutes and see what happens.  We thought their style would help us a little bit as far as our offensive productivity.  They are a good team, they have a lot of seniors and they are well coached.  Those guys have been in tournaments and we haven't, so that showed the last two minutes."