UAB-Houston Postgame Comments

Jan. 21, 2006

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UAB head coach Mike Anderson


On Houston coach Tom Penders' fainting spell in the first half:

"I pray and hope that he is okay.  I know that Tom had some bypass surgery a few years back and that was my concern and thank God he had a chance to get up and he came back out and coached.  My prayers are with him and I hope everyone else too."


On the intensity of UAB's fans:

"Boy, I hope these fans enjoyed the chance to see a heck of a basketball game.  That was an awesome game.  What an awesome crowd ... it was magical in here.  That is the atmosphere that I envisioned coming in here. I'm talking about every game because they saw a show tonight.  Our student section ... I had to go over there and personally applaud them because they triggered it all and they did a tremendous job.  The crowd was awesome and into it from start to finish."




On his team's response to the challenge of Houston:

"I had a feeling that they were going to come out on this particular game because of the tempo and that tempo puts you in rhythm because that is what they do in practice.  They were making shots...I mean they were making shots from everywhere. They were quicker to the ball." 


On Houston's fast start:

"We came out a little ... we wanted it to bad I think. I think we were kind of over-energized, but then we got it going and before you know you got a game going back and forth, and it went back and forth to the end.  A lot of defense was played out there and there was a lot of explosive offense. I thought that was one of Conference USA's better games in terms of two teams playing each other."


On Lawrence Kinnard's bank shot with :06.3 left:

"The initial option was for Marvette to make the play and of course he did, but Wen had the notion to give it to him (Kinnard).  Can you imagine?  The shot clock is running down and a true freshman shoots a bank shot to go up by three?  And even with that it wasn't over at that particular time, but he gave us a tremendous lift.


On the bench in the second half:

"They hit the floor and really got dirty.  They were getting loose balls and stopping the penetration.  The fatigue was a factor in this game.  There shots were a little shorter in the second half of this game. Again, our bench came in and played well.  Of course Marvette ... I say he shoots it from the parking lot and that one ... it must have 35 feet out and it is amazing what that guy can do." 


Houston head coach Tom Penders


On his fainting spell during the end of the first half:

"I have a heart condition and had a defibrillator/pacemaker put in1997. My heart rhythms sometimes are very slow and then they'll speed up and the pacemaker handles that. I've had a dozen or so episodes like that where I'll be getting luggage out of a car or I'll stand up too quickly and I'll get very lightheaded sometimes. Today I worked out; I did a three-mile fast walk/slow jog on the treadmill at the hotel and I probably didn't get enough fluid in me. I mentioned early in the game to my assistants that it felt really warm in the arena. I probably should have had more water. But, I didn't really lose consciousness, I just felt very lightheaded and I turned around and I saw stars and I felt wobbly; I remember collapsing slowly to my knees and I felt that I was having a spell of some sort. One of my assistants kept saying for me to stay down, so I did and I just tried to relax. As soon as they put the oxygen on me I started to feel better. I guess we'll call it a Krzyzewski; I saw what happened to Mike and heard him describe it, but five minutes afterward I felt great. I had a lot of water and fluid. I kept drinking in the second half."


On his technical foul:

"I had no idea they gave me a technical. I don't remember what even happened to make me upset. I was shocked at the start of the second half when one of my assistants told me I had a technical, but by then it was too late. In my opinion, it was extremely poor judgment on whoever called that."


On the second-half scoring drought:

"I just thought that both teams looked a little worn. Both teams were playing so hard, and we didn't hit some of the looks that we hit during the first half. We still shot 41 percent in the second half, which is good for us, especially after our last few games. I don't think it was anything other than normal misses of shots. We were running our offense, getting looks; their defense was and is very good. I thought we gave up too many easy baskets by allowing them to rip the ball from us. They did that a few times to us, and we weren't tough enough with the basketball against their defense. We play the same way on defense, but I think they did a better job of being strong with the ball on offense. To me that was the difference in the game."


On UAB's 10-game win-streak:

"It's really tough to win 10 in a row for a number of reasons. For one, UAB is a respected team in our conference and everyone shoots for them. Kids today have a tendency to fall asleep and think that they're very good. We had a five-game win-streak a little while ago, and I started to see warning signs then. When you start to get four or five wins in a row, kids start to think that it's easy. To Mike's credit, losing (Demario) Eddins and all, they're still winning. Mike does a good job, his kids play hard and I respect his system and I'm respect him. I'm proud that we were able to hang in their but not happy that we didn't win."