UAB vs. Tulsa Postgame Comments

Jan. 11, 2006

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UAB Head Coach Mike Anderson


On the beginning of the game:

"You could just see that their nerves were going a little bit.  You could see that our guys were thinking a little bit.  Once we got into our defense, our pressure was unbelievable.  It was relentless. I mean, it seemed like we had about six or seven guys out on the floor.  I was wondering how we were going to come out with the things that have taken place. (Demario Eddins' season-ending injury.)  Now we are in that conference race and, to our guys credit, I thought they came out and played extremely great, great defense."


On using UAB's depth:

"The way the game went, we had an opportunity to play a lot of guys--and those guys came in and produced.  I thought that when the second unit came in, they really got things going with their defense.  I thought the second group with (Derrick) Broom and Mo (Maurice) Gibbs and Lawrence Kinnard ... Paul Delaney--I thought they did a tremendous job of getting us going and igniting us."




On the rebounding advantage for Tulsa:

"I thought it got a little out of hand going down the stretch.  They had 24 turnovers in the first half, so how many rebounds are you going to get?  I think I would trade some of the steals we got and some of the guys dunking as opposed to (rebounding), but we have to continue to do better on the boards. When you are playing that many guys it is kind of hard to keep that continuity.  It is always going to be a concern of mine.  Sometimes stats can be misleading--they shot 52% and we won the game by 30.  I thought our guys played well, they really did."


On the 18-0 run that broke the game open:

"That's the fastest 40 minutes in basketball, right there. I thought our guys were having fun. We play a game of spurts and momentum and when you get that momentum, you want to ride it. Our guys understand that - that's the experience part of it. They were riding that momentum. They got some momentum with a couple of steals, then got some stops as well, so it wasn't just stealing, stealing, stealing. When the steals do come, some good things happen.


Tulsa head coach Doug Wojcik


On UAB's strength in point guard Squeaky Johnson:
"Give UAB a lot of credit. I really love Squeaky Johnson. I think he's a winner and I equate him to a Dee Brown from Illinois. He's just an energizer bunny and makes plays. He gets things done and has a will to win.  I give them a lot of credit for sticking with what they do.  I'm disappointed in my team and our ability to handle the ball and handle the pressure."


On the difference in the game:
"UAB doesn't vary what they do and you have to give them a lot of credit.  On our end we do what we do and we turned it over.  We've done it all year and we did it to the worst degree tonight.  I'm frustrated because we came out with a 9-2 lead with six turnovers. If you don't have confidence as a player knowing you have a seven point lead and knowing that the pressure is good but we can beat it then I don't know where you go.  I know where we went and turned it over 39 times. The points off turnovers were 52-2 and you can't win with those kind of numbers."