UAB-Valdosta State Postgame Quotes

Jan. 5, 2006

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UAB Head Coach Mike Anderson


On Valdosta and the match-up:

"It was a good team effort by our guys. In terms of depth and a talent standpoint, we probably have a little bit more than they did, but you still have to play the basketball game.  I thought they were a little off kilter early on...their nerves were going and you could tell."


On the number of players who contributed:

"We came out and we made some shots. Wen (Mukubu) made his first three or four shots and, before you know it, that just triggered our defense. Richard Jones came out tonight and we got to see some other guys play.  You got to see Roderick Ollie get some minutes tonight and for the minutes he was out there I thought he did extremely well. 




On the play of his son, Mike Anderson Jr.:

He came right in and did some of the things I have been preaching to our guys ... he went right in and double up that big hoss ... Rogers ... right off the bat Mike went in there and doubled up and was able to steal out of there, very much like Squeaky does."


On playing so many players late in the game:

"I don't think you can worry about injuries late in the game because that's when they happen.  I want our guys to continue to play hard and play basketball and continue to have fun and I think they had fun tonight."


On the non-conference season concluding:

"You always go back and say, `Woulda, coulda, shoulda." We could have done this and that, but through all the experiences that we go through, we learn. We had a record-setting night in terms of steals before the Western Kentucky game. Then we come to the Western Kentucky game with the same mindset. We needed to clean it up. Going to DePaul ... we just didn't have it and couldn't finish the game off. I think it was more mental than everything else. At Minnesota, it was a game where we spotted them 14 points but then gave ourselves a chance to win. I think through the non-conference schedule, you learn from those games."


Valdosta State Head Coach Mike Helfer


On UAB's performance:

"UAB is a great team and they are very momentum oriented.  Once they got into their run they are very hard to control. It just so happened that they're run start right from the opening tip when they hit all those three-pointers. We needed them to come out cold and for us to hit a bunch of shots but it was just the reverse. Give them credit because they were prepared and didn't come out on their heels. They were ready to play."


On UAB's fast start:

"I felt their energy level was really high and you would expect kids to do that because they cared about losing Demario Eddins. All their kids brought a lot of energy and really came out to prove something."


On his team's response:

"We were on our heels. I told them to get out and guard them and if they hit shots so be it. Offensively we just had to keep penetrating and making things happen. I thought in the second half we did hit some shots but I've been in situations as UAB when you are up by 30 at half. It's just hard to play with that same intensity in the second half when you have such a large lead.  I give our kids credit for competing in the second half and I'm proud of that."