Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) is committed to the mission of C-USA SAAC. To provide a forum for student-athletes to express ideas, concerns, and opinions relating to NCAA and Conference legislation as well as other issues that affect their welfare. Maintain a positive environment that fosters a healthy relationship between athletic administrators and student-athletes. Provide an environment that values cultural diversity and gender equity among student-athletes and community service.


Leadership. Involvement. Service.

Functions Include:

• Engage in communication between athletics administration and student-athletes

• Promote a positive student-athlete image on campus

• Support other student-athletes in their competitions

• Disseminate information to team members for all sports

• Provide feedback and insight into athletics department issues

• Generate a student-athlete voice within the campus athletics department

• Serve as leaders within the athletic department

• Grow as individuals through career and personal development opportunities

• Organize and participate in community service efforts

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2013-2014 SAAC Representatives

Executive Board

President: Rachel Daniel (Women's Tennis) Vice President: Kara Woods (Women's Cross Country) Treasurer: Ian Michalak (Men's Soccer) Secretary: Caroline Faught (Women's Tennis) Assistant Secretary: Marissa Ferreira (Bowling)

SAAC Representatives

Kacey Drayton (Women's Basketball)
Chelsee Black (Women's Basketball)
Miranda Burroughs (Women's Basketball)
Hayley Davis (Softball)
Kelly Britt (Softball)
Olivia Black (Softball)
JoJoFallen (Softball)
Becca Howard (Volleyball)
Rachel Fairbanks (Volleyball)
Hannah Kowal (Volleyball)
Chris Helliar (Men's Tennis)
Rafael Rondino (Men's Tennis)
Robert Williams (Men's Basketball)
Denzell Watts (Men's Basketball)
Tyler Hamby (Baseball)
Matthew Furoto (Baseball)
Dominic Slyvester (Football)
Destin Challenger (Football)
Isabel Shanteau (Women's Soccer)
Jasmine Kauka (Women's Soccer)
Aaron Getman (Men's Soccer)
Jenna Mellot (Bowling)
Jesse Lawley (Women's Golf)
Tori Brown (Rifle)