Academic Center

Don M. & Marsha Hoke Hire Academic Center

The Don M. and Marsha Hoke Hire Academic Center is located in the Bell Building across from Bartow Arena and provides a home for Student Support Services for student-athletes. The Hoke Hire Academic Center is home to one of the best athletic academic student support programs in the country. The staff is dedicated to working with Blazer athletic teams to ensure that all of our student-athletes are balancing the athletic, academic, and social responsibilities that arise during their time in college.

Staff includes:

  • 7 Full-Time Counselors
  • Tutor Coordinator
  • Intern

The Hoke Hire Academic Center is home to many support services for the Blazers. These programs include:

  • Study Table provides a quiet place to study and computer lab use, and includes various learning environments, such as group, individual, and private.
  • Tutor Program provides one-on-one, small group, and drop-in sessions in all academic areas.
  • 14 Individual tutor rooms
  • 3 Computer labs that house 40 desktop computers and laptop work areas.
  • Wireless Internet Available throughout the building
  • Champs Life Skills provides student-athletes with opportunity to make a successful transition to college, and enhance their growth personally & professionally.
  • Career Services
  • Community Service
  • Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC)