CHAMPS/Life Skills Program

Blazer Bowl Competition
Blazer Bowl/CHAMPS Verification Form
Request for Community Service Form

The CHAMPS/Blazer Bowl competition is designed to appeal to student-athletes competitiveness and rewards those teams who encourage and participate in personal development opportunities as well as building camaraderie between all Blazer teams. The Blazer Bowl will be presented annually to the team that demonstrates "championship effort and attitude" and who earn the most points for the five commitment areas which reflect the UAB Championship Culture.

Each team earns points based on their success in the classroom, on the field, in the community, and through personal and career development. If an individual team, an individual student-athlete, or a small group of student-athletes participate in one of the components outlined below sponsored by other organizations they will also earn points for their team. Upon completion of the event the team's SAAC representative will complete the Blazer Bowl/CHAMPS verification form and submit it to the SAAC/Community Relations Director (Justin Mackey) within one weeks of the event.