Blazer Bowl 2013-2014

The Blazer Bowl competition is designed to appeal to student-athletes competitiveness and rewards those teams who encourage and participate in personal development opportunities as well as building camaraderie between all Blazer teams. The Blazer Bowl will be presented annually to the team that demonstrates "championship effort and attitude" and who earn the most points for the five commitment areas which reflect the UAB Championship Culture.

Each team earns points based on their success in the classroom, on the field, in the community, and through personal and career development. If an individual team, an individual student-athlete, or a small group of student-athletes participate in one of the components outlined below sponsored by other organizations they will also earn points for their team. Upon completion of the event the team's SAAC representative will complete the Blazer Bowl/CHAMPS verification form and submit it to the SAAC/Community Relations Director (Justin Mackey) within two weeks of the event.

Standings are determined based on the rankings that team earns in each of the five components.

1) Academic Excellence
2) Athletic Excellence
3) Personal/Career Development
4) Community Service
5) Blazers supporting Blazers

The Blazer Bowl/CHAMPS Trophy is awarded to the team that earns the most points from the first day of the fall term to the last day of spring classes. The award will be presented atthe all student-athlete meeting at the beginning of the following fall term.

Academic Excellence:
This category celebrates the academic achievements of our teams. It not only rewards overall team achievement, but also rewards a team if it improves overall Team GPA. For the point system, the Team GPA from the previous spring and fall semesters will be considered.

Athletic Excellence:
This category rewards the athletic accomplishments of our teams. Points are awarded for recognition at the conference and NCAA level.

Personal/Career Development:
This category is designed to award points to those student-athletes who are committed to empowering themselves by attending programs that will contribute to their personal development. Student-athletes attendance at personal/career development seminars will earn points for their teams. (Examples: Gold Standard, On Campus Seminars, Career Fairs). Points will be distributed based on a percentage of attendance from each sports team.

Community Service:
Connecting with the community will be recognized and rewarded in this category. Events include those community relations campaigns implemented by the UAB Athletic Department and also individual or team organized events. Student-athletes can earn points through team participation and individual service events.

Blazers supporting Blazers:
18 sports, 1 TEAM. This category is designed to promote and encourage student-athletes to support their fellow Blazers. Points are given on a sliding scale according to roster size.

The SAAC Director, in conjunction with the UAB Student-Athlete Support Services staff reserves the right to adjust the amount of points activities are worth based on length of activity and the quality of the time and effort put into the event.

Some Events will be announced to be worth more points than regular activities, and will be stated prior to the event. Student-athletes need to be responsible for reporting activities in a timely manner (within one week of the event) so we can keep an updated scoreboard.