Academic Staff

Jeff Guin // Associate Athletic Director of Academic Services

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Hometown: Fort Walton Beach, FL

Joined UAB staff: 2013

Team Assignments / Responsibilities: Football and Direct the Hoke Hire Student-athlete Academic Support Services Center.

Education:University of Florida, B.A. Elementary Education, 1995; University of Florida, M.A. Education, 1996; University of Florida, M.S. Exercise & Sport Science, 1997.

Athletic / Professional Background: Administrative Assistant for men's basketball at University of Illinois, 1997-2003; Assistant Basketball Coach at Western Illinois, 2003-06, and Florida Atlantic University, 2006-08. Academic Counselor at University of Illinois, 2008-13.

Best Part of my job: Meeting with the students

Favorite Quote: "Giddy up." - Kramer

Currently Resides in: Hoover, AL

Family: Wife, Betsy; Children, Ellee, Troy, & Luke

Justin Mackey // Assistant Athletic Director - Student-Athlete Development

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Hometown: Bonner Springs, KS

Joined UAB staff: 2012

Team Assignments / Responsibilities: Men's Basketball | Director of SAAC/Life Skills & Community Relations

Education: University of Kansas, B.A. Communication Studies, 2004; University of Kansas, M.A. Communication Studies, 2008.

Athletic / Professional Background: Assistant Director of the Strategic Tutoring Program at University of Kansas, 2004-08; Academic Counselor at University of Kansas, 2008-13.

Best Part of my job: The best part of my job is getting to work with student-athletes from their recruitment through their graduation, and ultimately seeing them take the next step to graduate school or their first job. I enjoy assisting with their progression as a student and athlete and developing relationships with each student-athlete I have the privilege to work with.

Favorite Quote: "Give the world THE BEST you've got and the best will come back to you." -Forrest "Phog" Allen

Currently Resides in: Birmingham, AL

Family: Wife, Molly

Bethany Alexander // Tutor Coordinator

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Hometown: DeLand, FL

Joined UAB staff: 2013

Team Assignments / Responsibilities: Men's and Women's Tennis | Tutor Coordinator

Education: University of Florida, Mathematics, 2011.

Athletic / Professional Background: Assistant Tutorial Coordinator at University of Florida, 2011-13

Best Part of my job: Witnessing achievements, both academically and athletically...there is nothing like it!

Favorite Quote: "It CAN Be Done." - Oval Office Sign on the desk of President Ronald Reagan

Currently Resides in: Birmingham, AL

Interests: Attending sporting events and cheering on her student-athletes.

Drew Barnette // Academic Counselor

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Hometown: Louisville, KY

Joined UAB staff: 2008

Team Assignments / Responsibilities: Men's Soccer & Women's Soccer

Education: Xavier University, B.A. History, 2002; University of Dayton, M.A. College Student Personnel, 2006.

Athletic / Professional Background: Assistant Academic Counselor at Wright State University, 2005-2008.

Best Part of my job: Working with the student-athletes and coaches

Favorite Quote: "Enough isn't." - Brad Brownell

Currently Resides in: Birmingham, AL

Interests: College athletics, history, reading and writing.

Caitlin Callaghan // Student-Athlete Development Coordinator

Hometown: Naperville, Il

Joined UAB staff: 2014

Team Assignments / Responsibilities: Women's Rifle, Women's Bowling & Women's Volleyball/Sand Volleyball

Education: DePaul University, B.A. Physical Education, 2009; Concordia University Chicago, MA School Counseling, 2014

Athletic / Professional Background: DePaul University four year Women's Volleyball student-athlete (2005-2008), Physical Educator at Naperville North High School (2010-2014), Men's and Women's assistant varsity volleyball coach at Naperville North High School (2009-2014).

Best Part of my job: Working with student-athletes

Favorite Quote: "Stick to the fight when you're hardest hit. It's when things seem worst that you must not quit."

Currently Resides in: Mountain Brook, AL

Family: Parents: Mick & Mary Kay; Siblings: Marty (wife Kathleen), Dan (wife Betsy), & Jill (husband Josh).

Interests: Practicing and teaching yoga, spending time with nieces and nephew, learning how to play golf and tennis, Chicago sports, exploring Birmingham

Greg Green // Coordinator of Football Academics

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Hometown: Cleveland, OH

Joined UAB staff: 2011

Team Assignments / Responsibilities: Football

Education: Winona State University, B.S. Psychology & Kinesiology, 1992; Ashwood University, M.A. Physcial Education, 2007.

Athletic / Professional Background: Won 15 Championship rings as a player and coach.

Best Part of my job: Working with the students.

Favorite Quote: Proverb 3:5-6

Currently Resides in: Maylene, AL

Family: Wife, Jacquelyn; Children, Kira, Kesha, Jazmine, and Greg Jr.

Wayne Hamberger // Learning Specialist & Mentor Coordinator

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Hometown: York, Pennsylvania

Joined UAB staff: 2010

Team Assignments / Responsibilities: Learning Specialist/Mentor Coordinator/DSS Liaison; screens student-athletes for disabilities/learning difficulties and coordinates all aspects of academic testing/evaluation for DSS services. Work in small group study and mentor individuals upon advisor/student request.

Education: Jacksonville State University, B.S. Psychology, 1991; Jacksonville State University, M.S. Counseling & Development, 1993; Alabama Licensed Professional Counselor with National Certification, 1995.

Athletic / Professional Background: Multi-sport athlete in high school; played fast and slow-pitch softball for 34 years; played Rugby for Marburg University (Germany) club team while in US Army; two time US Army-Europe Cavalry Cup Competition Championships (82-83).

Best Part of my job: Watching student-athletes grow and develop into independent learners while improving academic performance to enhance sport skills.

Favorite Quote: "What is man who does not try to make the world a better place", Balian from Kingdom of Heaven.

Currently Resides in: Springville, AL

Family: Wife, Stephanie Hamberger; Children, Amanda Allen, Ashley Allen, and Amber Allen.

Interests: College and Pro Football; golf, raquetball/tennis; military and world history

Josh Watson // Academic Counselor

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Hometown: Wright, Wyoming

Joined UAB staff: 2003

Team Assignments / Responsibilities: Baseball & Women's Golf

Education: Chadron State College, B.A. Interdisciplinary Studies, 1998; University of Northern Colorado, M.A. Physical Education, 2001.

Athletic / Professional Background: Intern, University of Alabama at Birmingham, 2003; Academic Advisor, University of Alabama at Birmingham, 2005 to current.

Best Part of my job: Watching the maturation process of the students I work with, and being a part of their growth and development into the next phase of their lives.

Favorite Quote: John 3:16

Currently Resides in: Birmingham, AL

Interests: Family and friends, college athletics, and action movies.

Josh Young // Academic Counselor

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Hometown: Chicago, IL

Joined UAB staff: 2013

Team Assignments / Responsibilities: Women's Basketball & Women's Softball

Education: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, B.S. Broadcast Journalism, 2010; University of Southern California, M.Ed. Post-Secondary Administration & Student Affairs, 2012.

Athletic / Professional Background: Student Manager for the University of Illinois Women's Softball team, 2006-10; Learning Assistant at USC Student Athlete Academic Services, 2010-11; Graduate Intern at USC Office of Athletic Compliance and Trojan Athletic Fund, 2011-12; NCAA Academic and Membership Affairs Postgraduate Intern, 2012-13.

Best Part of my job: I love to see athletic programs come together to create the best possible academic and athletic experience for student-athletes.

Favorite Quote: "Dream in detail."

Currently Resides in: Birmingham, AL

Interests: Traveling and lifting extremely heavy weights!

Katie Letcher // Academic Counselor

Hometown: Wesley Chapel, NC

Joined UAB staff: 2014

Team Assignments / Responsibilities: Assistant Director of Student Athlete Development focusing on Career Development

Education: Appalachian State University, B.S. Recreation Management, 2011; Florida State University, M.S. Higher Education in Student Affairs.

Athletic / Professional Background: Graduate Assistant, Florida State University Career Center (2011-2013) Student-Athlete Mentor, Tutor, and Administrative Assistant, Florida State University Student Athlete Academic Support Services (2011-2013)
Marketing & Employer Relations Specialist, UAB Career & Professional Development (2013-2014)

Best Part of my job: Being able to show student-athletes how they can transfer their skills from the field/court to their resumes and interviews. Providing them with valuable professional development resources they can take with them throughout their college and professional careers.

Favorite Quote: "Be somebody who makes everybody feel like a somebody" -Kid President

Currently Resides in: Birmingham, AL

Sara Miller // Administrative Assistant and Special Events Coordinator

Hometown: Marietta, GA

Joined UAB staff: 2013

Education: The University of Alabama, B.S. Kinesiology, 2010. The University of Alabama, M.A. Sports Management, 2013

Athletic / Professional Background: Jacksonville State University two year Women's Soccer student-athlete, 2006-2008; Ticket Office Associate at UAB, 2013-2014.

Best Part of my job: Being able to watch student-athletes succeed both in the classroom and on the field.

Favorite Quote: “Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time” – Thomas Edison

Currently Resides in: Tuscaloosa, AL

Interest: College Athletics, Running, Soccer