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The Athletic Training program is charged with the responsibility for all matters that pertain to the health and welfare of UAB athletes. Athlete has been defined in its broadest sense to encompass any student participating in a UAB athletic department sponsored athletic activity. This program shall be responsible for directing the total health needs of the intercollegiate athlete.

UAB's Athletic Training program delivers traditional athletic training and sports medicine services to all UAB athletes participating in varsity level athletics sanctioned by the NCAA. Services to be delivered will fall under the following domains: (a) prevention of athletic injuries, (b) evaluation and treatment of athletic injuries, (c) rehabilitation and reconditioning of athletic injuries, (d) documentation of athletic injuries and rehabilitation, and (e) continuing education of athletic training staff members.

Predisposing factors to injury will be addressed through preventative exercise programs and prophylactic taping, bracing, and padding in order to prevent athletic injuries. Athletic injuries and illnesses will be recognized and evaluated by the most appropriate athletic training staff member in order for an appropriate course of action to be initiated promptly. Rehabilitation will be performed under the direction of the team physician, with on going evaluation of the athlete's progress throughout the various stages of the rehabilitation process. Documentation of injury status, rehabilitation, and communication with the attending team physician will be maintained.

Operational policies and procedures will be developed to establish and maintain appropriate standards of care. The athletic training staff will remain up to date with current standards of practice, including current evaluation, treatment and rehabilitation protocols in conjunction with the ongoing research conducted by the National Athletic Trainer's Association. We will remain committed to the continuous improvement of the education, clinical skill development, and equipment used in the delivery of these services. This mission will be upheld to assure UAB's athletes the most modern care in the country.

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