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October 17, 2007

Hey Blazer Fans,

This past weekend we were scheduled to run at Pre-Nationals, but at the last minute we had a schedule change. We ended up racing at a smaller, laid back meet at the University of the South. To be honest I was kind of dreading this meet and didn't know what to expect. I was excited to race at Pre-Nationals because it's an amazing race environment, and my parents and friends were planning on coming. It turns out that our trip to Sewanee was probably one of my all-time favorite trips. Although it was a short trip, leaving Friday morning and returning that night, it was still very memorable. The whole environment of the meet was laid back, since the race was small and we only brought five runners. It is a complete turn around from our last race at the Notre Dame Invitational.

Our day started off the same as every trip. We left campus in the morning and stopped about halfway for lunch at Subway. Once we arrived in Sewanee we had a while to explore the campus. Their campus is very isolated and has a "country" feel to it. All of the buildings were made of cobblestone and were very castle-like. For a second I felt like I was studying abroad in England. There was even an interesting man dressed like a pilgrim/puritan roaming around campus. They also had a wooden playground in the middle of their campus that resembled the Mayflower. By the end of our tour we all felt like we were in a time warp back to the 1600's. Nonetheless, their campus was gorgeous!

As for the race, I think our efforts as a team were pretty good, even though the number of teams competing was small. We swept the meet with a perfect score finishing our runners first through fifth. It was our first 6K meet of the year so we didn't really know what to expect time wise. I was satisfied with my race because I ran a lifetime personal best on the course. Also, it was the freshmen's first 6K and in my opinion they both did awesome. Afterwards, there was a medal ceremony and we all received keychain medals.

Probably one of the biggest reasons that this trip was so memorable was because of dinner. Coach Stanfield let us choose where we wanted to eat that night. All day Elizabeth Hilligoss and I were craving Chinese food and it just so happened that we saw a sign for a buffet in the middle of nowhere. We decided to take the risk and stop to eat there. The food was good but the entertainment was even better. We had a great time there, but unfortunately what happens at the Chinese Buffet stays there!

The Conference USA Championship race is in less than two weeks, so this next week or so of training will be rough. It will all be worth it though because we have the goal of defending our C-USA Championship title. Until next time.


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