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October 2, 2007

Hey Blazer Fans,

So our race at Notre Dame was not as successful as our team had hoped. It was just one of those races where things did not go as well as we planned. Although our team results were not what we hoped for, we still had a few positive individual performances. Stephanie Gammon ran her personal record for the season, and in my opinion did a really good job considering she's a freshman.

I was also satisfied with my individual performance. I finished 44th and ran my second fastest cross country time at a 5K course. Since I am more of a speed racer than a strength and endurance racer, the course at Notre Dame really played to my advantage.

Even though we did not have a good race we still managed to enjoy our time in South Bend. On Thursday we toured the campus a little and took some pictures. One of my teammates is Catholic so she was super excited to get a picture in front of Touchdown Jesus.

We will not race this weekend, but we have recruits coming to visit, so I'm sure we have a busy week ahead of us. Our season is halfway over and we only have four weeks left until conference. We will definitely be on grind until then!


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