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October 14, 2007

Hey Blazer fans!

Gosh, these past two weeks have been pretty discouraging for the guys. We’re playing great soccer, but unfortunately we’ve gone 0-3-1 over the last 4 games, most recently losing to Kentucky this past weekend. We still seem to be struggling to get back to 100%. Dejan Jakovic has sat a game and a half out, Frank Brown has been resting for two games, and several others are playing through some rough bumps and bruises. The morale of the team is still high, however, despite the recent losses after a 5-0 run as we keep our eyes set on our next opponent Florida International.

This week has been very difficult for UAB as a whole as one of our sisters was killed late Sunday night. There were a few of us on the scene right away, and once we received the news that Kayla Fanaei had died we were all devastated. She was the most amazing girl, who would help anyone by doing whatever she could be it listen for a minute, run to the store to get your favorite candy, or just smile and laugh with you. She was one of the soccer team’s biggest fans and will always be up in the stands with the rest of the Hooligans for sure. It’s just been a shocker and our community is suffering greatly from her loss. She was a great Christian girl and it’s such a comfort to us to know that we will see her again, but this past week has been one of everything from questioning faith to thoughts of vengeance to realizing that life is such a meaningful gift.

Everyone seems to be slowly recovering from Kayla’s death, but at the same time we have grown so close to the Women’s soccer team, friends of Kayla, and to our community. After pushing schoolwork and soccer aside for a day or two, the guys have had some time to really fellowship and truly appreciate the life that the Lord has given each of us.

We’ve had a couple of great practices this week, many of the guys have had a good bit of time to rest, and we plan on getting a positive result this weekend in front of, what we hope will be, a huge crowd this Homecoming Saturday. We’re ready to find another hot streak as we head into the final stages of the regular season and could really use your support. … Go Blazers!

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