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November 9, 2007

Hey Blazer fans,

Another great week of soccer took place here at UAB this week. We had several very good practices after beating UCF last Saturday. Going into the game against Memphis the guys were all ready. We knew that our fate was still in our own hands as UCF still had a chance to take our spot in the Conference USA tournament.

As we walked up to the field there a guy was pushing his car down the street, and several of the guys looked at each other and decided to help him out by lending a little push of our own. Once we parked the car in a parking lot we set our sites immediately on the match and task at hand. We were going to play our hearts out together to get the win for ourselves as well as for senior Joe Klosterman. It was senior night, and our lone senior received a red card last game, so he had to sit out in his last home game this season. Fortunately for him, the team pulled things together in the second half offensively after playing a solid first half defensively with little offensive threat.

The second half we played much better soccer and kept the pressure on Memphis. It took until late in the second overtime for us to finish the game off. Anthony King scored a very familiar goal in the 104th minute to clinch the 1-0 victory (he scored a very similar goal in the game early this year against either Centenary or Lipscomb). It was a fantastic win that we very much needed and deserved. We've lost so many games in the final minutes and even seconds, and the tables seem to have finally turned after last weeks win over UCF and this weeks win over Memphis.

Our spot in the tournament was sealed when South Carolina tied UCF on Sunday. It was great news to us obviously, and we knew that this news shouldn't change our mindset in practice and especially in the game on Friday night in Tulsa. We've had a great week of cold practices and will be well prepared for Tulsa on Friday night. It will be a sort of conference championship in a sense because if we beat Tulsa then SMU will win the regular season championship, while if Tulsa wins then they clinch the regular season championship. Still to this point although we have a spot in the tournament, there's no telling who we'll play on Wednesday night at 8:00 pm at UAB.

It'll be awesome to come back to Birmingham on Saturday after hopefully beating top ten ranked Tulsa, and I can't wait to play on Wednesday night for the conference tournament title in our own backyard.

Until next time... Go Blazers!


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