Seden Soyalp - Women's Tennis

Feb. 4
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February 27th, 2008

Hello Everyone,

First of all, I apologize that it took longer than a week for me to write. But, I am full of good news.

Ok so where to begin. Firstly, I am proud to say that we are unbeaten at 5-0. We had our first away trip to Hattiesburg, Miss., which ended up being a great two days for the team. We left on Thursday after practicing at the UAB courts and headed for a very much-needed stop at Jason's Deli along the way.

Friday's match was against what has become to be a friendly rivalry between Southern Miss and UAB. The past two years we have always had very close matches with the Golden Eagles, so we were very excited to see how this one was going to turn out with our fresh team. The weather was great and we were all liking the fact we would end up a bit more tanned at the end of it all too!

A huge "dip drive" ("dip and drive is a saying influenced by our workouts, that we say to cheer ourselves up), then we got off to a great start and won the doubles point, which is always a huge advantage going into singles play! At the end, all three matches ended up 8-6 with a big one point.

Then, we started our singles knowing that the job was far from being complete. Looking down the courts at all the other scores it wasn't clear to see who would come out on top with a win since almost all matches were going to three sets. But three hours later, it was us! It was such a good effort by the whole team both on the court and outside the court. The huge cheerers Jess and Ceylan helped us to go thru these close matches and I am sure if you listened closely, you would have heard them from the UAB campus! So, we got the victory, 5-2, which is an amazing win for us.

On Saturday morning, we played against a team that we had never played before, Northwestern State. We did not really know what to expect from them but right when doubles matches started, we knew it was going to be another tough match, but we were ready for the unexpected. Once again, we came out on top in the doubles with the three wins, which was a critical point in the end since we won against them 4-3. Again the freshmen put in a huge effort; it was great to see Evelien (Dutchy) jump with excitement at the end of her three set match. And, so much support and encouragement was given like it was on Friday.

Another victorious weekend was in Chattanooga with a 6-1 win. Every match gives us more game experience and makes us even closer as a team.

Lastly, I want to write about the match against Samford, which was one of the best matches we have played so far. We were all in high spirits for the match and everyone played amazing tennis. Once again, we won that one huge doubles point before we started the singles. It was such a close match, which made us hold our breaths when the score was 3-3 and looking for the last match. It was our freshman Evelien, who gave us the great victory with her superior drop shots in the last set.

It was great to see that we can go through the toughest and closest matches with a full team effort both on court and off court. Now, we are looking forward to our next away match in Louisiana. DIP and DRIVE!

Until next time, Go Blazers!


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