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November 13, 2007

After watching the film from the UCF game the effort was obviously still not as consistent as we need it to be. There were just a few too many mistakes to come out with a win. When we watch film after a win it's funny how the bad plays here and there don't seem very significant, but after a game like last Saturday's those plays really stand out.

It might be a first down run that had potential for a couple more yards, or a third down conversion early in the game that didn't seem so important at the time. It's next to impossible for any team to put together an all-around, mistake-free effort, but we've been a team that needs to be as close to that as possible. After another week we're still getting there but the thing I guess I'm most proud of is that the mistakes we make, we make wide open.

David Sigler proves that on every route, block, or run he makes and he gave our offense a big boost when he got back into the mix Saturday. We've missed him for the past couple of weeks and it feels good as a quarterback to see his game ready face out there in the huddle.

I can remember one time last year when we had the ball third and goal on the one-yard line and I was just about to call the play. One of the offensive linemen was talking as I walked into the huddle and before I could say anything, Sigler turned right in his face, and with a deathly growl told him in so many words to shut his mouth so that he could hear the play. He turned to me with a look on his face that I've gotten a little more comfortable with after two years of playing together.

I thought he was possessed and I knew he wanted those points as bad as anybody in that stadium no matter how we got them.

That's the closest I've ever come to calling the audible, "Everybody block, I'm giving the ball to David". We had to settle for a field goal on that drive but in the future I do have a play in mind that starts with some "O" linemen chatter in the huddle.

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