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October 23, 2007

After losing to Houston on Saturday night we're obviously not in a position we want to be in. Two conference losses is a tough place to work from when you've only got five games left. The games that we do have left don't get any easier but we can play a whole lot better.

The No. 1 statistic that best indicates a win or a loss is the turnover margin. It's more revealing than passing yards, rushing yards, sacks, third down conversions, or any other statistic involved in a football game. Saturday we lost that battle in the first half and it hurt us for the rest of the night.

At this point in the season I've gotten to see most of the teams in our conference on film. There isn't much difference between the teams at the top and bottom of the standings. If East Carolina beats Houston and Houston beats UAB, then East Carolina will beat UAB, according to the logic I've heard some people use about college football.

If you really know football, especially college football, you know this isn't as rational as it seems. From Appalachian State to the University of Southern California, college football is harder to predict than ever. Across the board the playing field has leveled out and names don't guarantee wins.

This week we're going to practice as hard as ever and put the plan to win out in motion. We've got lots of good football left to play.

Go Blazers!

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