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October 16, 2007

It's a lot easier and more fun to talk about what happened in a football game when you win the game, especially when it's a conference win. "We played hard...but we lost." This gets old real quick, as I had to point out earlier today when someone commented on the fact that I haven't been necessarily writing about the actual games.

Today it's easier to talk about the game because we beat Tulane at home to go 1-1 in the conference and 2-0 at home. We still weren't as consistent on offense as we want to be but we hit big plays all night. I was excited to have Joe Webb back on the field after missing last week's game. He made some clutch plays for us, especially the touchdown catch he made in traffic to go ahead.

Alright, I guess the guy earlier had a point because now that I think about it, I'm going to talk about Joe for a minute. A lot of people may believe there are issues between Joe and I because we both play quarterback. Truthfully, there aren't any issues at all. We're actually close friends and have come to depend on each other a lot this season.

Our relationship goes back to the season I sat out and he redshirted. On the open field, during the special teams part of practice, he and I would get someone to throw one on one routes to each of us, one of us guarding the other. We would go back and forth for the entire period keeping score. We've been competing ever since. I'm thankful that we're both able to contribute to this team now. He's obviously a great athlete, a playmaker, a leader and more.

One of the reasons I was excited to have him back on the field is that at receiver he is almost always open. I say that meaning, he's open with one guy covering him. With two guys covering him and one of the two not on their toes, he's open. Every quarterback in the country would take that deal.

Well we have early morning meetings in the morning so I'll wrap up on that note and hit the sack. We've got Houston at home next Saturday and we're looking to score lots of points and to stay undefeated at home.

Go Blazers!!

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